Ever tried the kettlebell swing? Struggling to get toned, or lose weight? If you want to change your body, improve your stamina and gain strength, the kettlebell swing is the exercise for you! Keep reading to learn why and how to perfect this powerhouse of a workout.
Why The Kettlebell Swing is King
Kettlebell trainingThe kettlebell swing is a full body workout, with each ‘swing’ of the kettlebell allowing you to activate 600 muscles at once! When it comes to losing weight, the rule of energy applies: the more energy you spend, the faster you’ll lose weight! Since the kettlebell swing forces you to use excessive energy as well as target muscle groups like your quads, your core, your back, shoulders, and biceps, you’ll achieve explosive strength and that lean muscle you want. The best part of all is that the kettlebell swing workout is highly versatile.
As you get stronger, you can easily modify it (with a deeper squat or increased weight, for example) that makes consistent progress and change in your body an easy one to master. If you have ‘finicky’ knees or trouble with your back, correct posture during this exercise makes it safe to do. Swing right into it by following these steps:
• Keep in mind that the following muscle groups will be used, so if you have a past injury (or are prone to injury in these areas) keep that in mind so that your form is on point: your back, hamstrings, quads (without bulking them up), hips, glutes, and core.
• If you’re brand new, try out a few different weights in order to find the right one. Start off with a 3 lb. weight. If you can ‘swing’ to 12 with ease, it’s too light. Keep going up (5 lbs., 8 lbs., 12 lbs., etc.) in weight until you find one that has you breathing heavily by the time you get to 12.
• Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your arms fully extended between your legs and holding firmly onto the kettlebell.
• Lower yourself into a squat, keeping your chest up (don’t dip your chest down!)
• Come up slowly, swinging your kettlebell out in front of you. As you ‘swing’, extend your hips out and contract your glutes as much as you can.
• Repeat for three sets, at 12-15 swings each.
What’s a better workout than one which gives you lean muscle, and works so many muscles at the same time? Incorporate kettlebell swings into your weekly exercise routine a few times a week, and you’ll begin to see the changes you’ve struggled to find with other workouts!