What does your posture say about you?

If you slouch with shoulders forward, it may not only lead to a bad back, but a bad case of low self-esteem and even low energy. In fact, some studies show that when you stand tall, you’re more likely to look on the sunny side of the street.

Does the glass look half empty these days? Whether you battle the bulge around your mid-section or the occasional case of ‘the Mondays’, strengthening – and straightening – your posture is your golden ticket to mental and physical body bliss!

It’s a Mind/Body Thing…

Some studies show that straightening your posture is the perfect solution to eliminate everything from depression to bladder infections. In fact, according to results from a 2007 University of Leeds study, poor posture is actually the culprit for painful neck and back pain, due to a low blood supply caused by hunching over during an extended period of time.

When you focus on a straight posture and become mindful of how your entire body is affected due to your posture (for better or worst) you can begin to shape not only the direction of your present health, but your future health as well.

Your Sex Life Depends on Good Posture…

As if you need another reason to stand up straight, add this one to your ‘perfect posture list’: better posture equals a better sex life!

As it turns out, when you stay in a “C” shape for the majority of each day (such as being hunched over at your desk for eight hours, five days a week) you put unnecessary pressure on your pelvic region. In the long term, that can lead to weaker orgasms, and all in all, a less than satisfactory sex life!

…And So Does Your Mood

Perk up your mood – whether you’re in the middle of that dreaded weekly Monday morning meeting, stuck in gridlock traffic or running errands in the humidity – all by tweaking the position of your body. In fact, studies done on depressed people showed one physical characteristic they all had in common – their poor posture. So, straighten up, and you’re likely to perk right up (or at least, stand a fighting chance against negative thinking!)

Tricks for Perfect Posture (That Work!)

Whether you want to have more energy, look slimmer or even land that dream job, here are some tips to get you looking and feeling your most confident self:

  • Practice mindful sitting.  If you sit all day, you’re more prone to slouching all day. Focus on being mindful of how you’re sitting, and make a golden rule for yourself for better posture – if your back isn’t against the back of the chair, you’re not sitting correctly.
  • Walk as much as possible.  When you walk, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to stand, jog, run, or speed walk completely straight and upright. Roll your shoulders back, breathe deeply and walk at a comfortable pace so you can always remain aware of how you’re standing.
  • Uncross your legs. Whether you’re female or male, crossing your legs is a tempting invite to slouch. Keep your legs uncrossed as much as possible, roll back your shoulders and neck, and tilt your chin up just a bit. You’ll not only manage correct posture with this move, but boost your mood and your confidence!

Perfect posture does require effort to achieve on a daily basis, but once you become aware of how you stand, sit and walk, you may notice more than your good mood, the “disappearance” of your back pain, or a better sex life. You may also notice that you’ve grown half an inch!