slim woman doing exercise or dance classGetting fit is a destination. You have a fitness and/or weight loss goal and you do everything you need to in order to accomplish it. Maybe you cut out processed foods and up your intake on fruits and vegetables. Or, perhaps you start heading to the gym five days a week. But once you get fit, how do you stay that way? Keep reading…we’ll show you the way.

It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Mere Destination

What’s the secret to getting fit and staying that way? Take it from the pros: there’s no magic potion, but instead, a commitment to living each day as active and healthy as possible. Professional athletes and focused fitness experts alike will agree: there’s never an end point to your fitness goals. When you meet one goal (losing ten pounds, increasing muscle mass, running in a 10K, etc.) set another goal for yourself. That’s the way of the ‘fit’ lifestyle, which is about striving to become better, healthier, and the strongest version of yourself possible.

They Set New Goals for Themselves (While Committing to the Old)

Are you brand new to the health and fitness scene? Whether it’s been years since you’ve exercised at all,  or you simply want to increase the amount of exercise you get, know this: staying fit is involves a proactive mind. You can’t stay fit—no matter how healthy and strong you currently are—if you stay stagnant. In other words, continue to change up your exercise in order to avoid boredom. If you’re used to hitting weights at the gym, add a few fun cardio classes to the mix! If you’re used to running by yourself (in preparation for that upcoming 10K), grab a friend every Saturday and take a dance class.

They Avoid Dieting at All Costs

Forget the pills and diet plans. Staying fit doesn’t require buying into any gimmicks or expensive weight loss plans. In fact, getting fit the old fashioned way—through consistent exercise and eating healthy foods—gives you a better chance to keep the weight off and maintain your toned physique. That’s because the weight you lose or muscle you gain won’t happen overnight, eliminating your body from going into shock and survival mode. Avoid diets altogether, which tend to deprive your body of many essential nutrients it needs, by committing to a well-balanced meal plan. When you do, you’ll discover that you’ll never be tempted to diet again.

Staying fit in a journey, and one well worth taking. No matter what your goals may be, keep ‘em coming! Stay motivated to meet each and every one by treating fitness as the opportunity to be happier, healthier and stronger—now, and for a lifetime.