Anorexia Concept

If you know you have an eating disorder, you’re already on the road to recovery-knowing that you need to make a change is the first step in the right direction. However, what you do now is the tricky party. Here are a few steps to take as you work to overcome your struggle with food and eating.

Keep in mind; these are basic guidelines, not the exact steps that are right for every person struggling with an eating disorder. Always consult a health professional first.

Map Out Your Road to Recovery With a Health Professional

First and foremost, see your doctor. While it may be difficult to admit to someone other than you, this is the first person who should know. With their medical expertise you can create a plan that is best for your specific concerns and nutritional needs.

Find Your Spiritual Self

No, you don’t need to go into a church if you don’t want to. Whether you’re in a church or your living room, this part of the process helps you reconnect with yourself and overcome the mental damage that your eating disorder could have caused.

According to, this can include increased anxiety, feelings of being out of control, obsessive behavior, and shame. Reconnect with yourself through personal meditation or take a slow-flow yoga class like Jivamukti.

Find a Support Group

While spiritual practices will help to center yourself, you alone cannot overcome such a difficult disorder. A local support group will help in a number of ways:

  • You can air concerns and questions as you become your healthy self again.
  • It can help you feel less alone, and realize that many others are dealing with this just as you are.
  • You can feel an increased sense of motivation to stay healthy and not turn to your old ways.

Speak With Friends and Family

Eating disorders can put a gaping hole between you and the people you love; the people who are integral to your recovery. Find it within you to reconnect with family members, close friends and loved ones. Request their support as you become healthy again-you may be surprised at how willing they are to cheer you on.

Do What You Love

Finally, do the things that you love, whether it’s painting, hiking or just walking with a friend. Stay focused on the things that make you happy as you transform back into your healthier and happier self.

Eating disorders are serious, and recovering from one requires the direction of a doctor or holistic health practitioner. Always consult a health professional as you navigate through the recovery process.