Sexy fit woman body in bikiniThe season of tank tops, short and bikinis is quickly approaching. Are your thighs ready? Are your abs looking its best? Is your body confidence off the charts?  In the case you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above, we have the solution: get the body of your dreams! While that may be easier said than done, we have an amazing killer workout that will blast fat, remove inches off of your mid-section, and give you thighs to die for.

The Work It Out Workout

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to devote to upper body days and lower body days. It may be that you can only get in a few workouts per week, or you are on a strict deadline to be at your physical best. In that case, focus on full body workouts! Your exercise plan will be intense, but it will give you results, from head to toe. Here’s how to do it:

·         Make sure you’re exercising for every muscle group. With a full body workout, you don’t want to skip any one muscle group—hit them all, hard! For the back, work it with chin-ups. For the chest, focus on some bench presses. Then quickly move it to all other major muscle groups of your body. Yep—you’ll be sweating buckets by the end of your workout, but you’re hitting every area of your body, and pretty soon, everyone will notice how hard you’ve been working it.

·         Keep it at an hour. If you think working out for several hours is better than an hour long workout, you’re mistaken. Your time is valuable, and your body simply can’t maintain the momentum and intensity you’ll need to drive results longer than an hour. Make your goal a 50-60 minute workout, and you’ll be good to go.

What to Hit (Hit It Hard)  

Female doing lunge exercisesFocus on high intensity interval training to achieve a body of your dreams—it’s the way to strong shoulders, a toned tush and trim legs to die for. Here’s a breakdown to get the body you’ve always wanted (and one everyone else will be green with envy, about!):

·         Calves—do a few rounds of standing calf raises, and donkey calf raises

·         Abs – skip the traditional crunch (opt for as many decline bench crunches that you can handle!)

·         Legs – focus on squats, lunges, wall sits and hack squats.

·         Shoulders – upright rows, shoulder presses, dumbbell presses and behind neck presses

These workout aren’t for the fainthearted, but then again, why even if do it if you’re not going to go all out? When you focus on this full body workout, you’ll have your dream body by swimsuit season!