March prevails and March Madness is primed to excite basketball fans all across the Country. College basketball teams are competing in their last regular season games in hopes of getting a good seed in their conference tournaments. After conference tournaments Selection Sunday will March Madness Pen and Blank Tournament Bracketdominate most TVs as everyone watches to see if their favorite team made The Big Dance, where they get seeded, and where they will be playing. Needless to say a ton of basketball is going to be played in March and into early April. TVs will be showing plenty of the games, and fans will be traveling to watch their favorite teams live. Not everyone can see the games in person, but every fan can see the games live on television. The suspense and unwritten stories always make for high drama and exciting finishes. Cinderella stories and upsets will be abundant, and no one knows what’s going to happen next.

With all the excitement, don’t forget your workouts during March Madness. You may even be taking some time off work to glue yourself to the TV. The first four days of the NCAA Tournament are always crazy because of all the games that get played. Many of the games will be on at once and luckily shown on different stations. You can take this time to head to the gym and take advantage of group classes or indoor circuit training. Maybe you’ve tried these or others in the past, but never got into a habit. With March here and the impending sunny weather (bathing suits!), now is a great time to try some classes and experiences you don’t normally participate in. You can catch all the games and all the excitement in a great atmosphere with like-minded fans.

People at the gymIt’s really the best of both worlds to be able to watch March Madness unfold before you while you get a great workout! Challenge yourself with some new experiences or come back to some past classes you haven’t been to in awhile. Maybe you haven’t been to the gym to workout at all recently. Use this time as a great excuse to just come workout! The March Madness games will be on, and the ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills are calling your name! Don’t forget about your workouts simply because a ton of awesome basketball games are on TV. Come run while you watch the players run!