Brunette Woman Walking Up StairsWe spend so many of our waking hours at work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to combine career with a few fitness goals? Here’s a bit of good news – there are some easy ways to whittle your middle while you fatten your wallet. Even better news, you won’t work up an uncomfortable sweat or embarrass yourself in front of coworkers. Try these at work exercises for a win-win at work.

Take the stairs

You already know that taking the stairs is a good way to add some healthy steps to your day. Do more of a good thing by walking the stairs two at a time during your morning and afternoon breaks. Keep the virtue by walking past the vending machine and passing up the candy stash on your co-workers desk.

Put calls on speaker

If you have private space stand while you take calls and do a few high knee lifts. When you can take 60 to 90 seconds away from work demands and get in a few jumping jacks. If high heels or something else makes standing jacks impossible you can still get your move on while you keep your seat. Try raising your arms quickly above your head in the same motion you would use if doing jumping jacks. At the same time alternately move your left and right feet to the side in a step toe motion. If you work in a cubicle stand and do calf raises, they are almost invisible to others.

Have a destination

Create compelling reasons to get up from your seat. For example, leave your lunch on ice in the car so you will have to walk out to get it. Have your computer connected to the printer that is the most steps away. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and take potty breaks in the farthest bathroom (on another floor would be great). Walk to lunch if you buy, but don’t use that as an excuse to eat something loaded with fat and calories.

Hold it

An abdominal hold is a great workout for your core. Grasp the edge of your sturdy chair with your knuckles facing forward and fingertips touching the underside (avoid chairs with wheels). With knees together lift feet off the floor slightly. Next lift your bottom so that you are holding your body up by your arms. Repeat throughout the day holding for a few seconds each time.

Stretch at your desk

Raise your arms high above your head. Feel your spine lengthening as you reach for the sky. Bring your arms down to rest on the back of your chair and twist slowly as far you can to the right. Repeat and this time twist to the left.

Move more all day. When you find ways to keep moving at work you build your body while you earn some bucks. That really is a win-win.