photodune-10298424--gym-words-on-a-calendar--xsIt’s January, which means you’ve made it—you’ve met challenge after challenge in 2015 personally, professionally and athletically. Whether you’ve gone on board the Zumba train, or become the world’s most devoted CrossFit fan, you’ve successfully committed to, and transformed your body. But with a new year, comes the opportunity for a whole new workout! Embrace it by trying one of the fun, exciting workout trends that 2016 holds. The question is, will you keep up with your new workout regimen?

Yoga (for All Shapes and Sizes)

While yoga was popular ten years ago, the type of yoga that was offered was still relatively limited. Hatha or hot yoga, anyone? It didn’t appeal to the masses, because it didn’t offer enough variation in style and fitness level. Now—and what you’ll see come out of the word work in 2016—is yoga, yoga everywhere. As it’s true with rock n’ roll, it’s here to stay, so take your pick from Kundalini, Sivananda, hatha, yoga/tai chi, Astanga, power yoga, Kripalu, and more. Whether you’re 18 or 80, there’s a yoga class for everyone.

Strength Training/Functional Fitness 

The fitness merchandise market is huge. In fact, there are so many products you can buy to enhance your power, focus, strength drive, and motivation during your workout that it can become too easy to spend a small fortune. But, are you spending money on things you don’t even need?

Woman at the gym - cardioWhen it comes to fitness, 2016 will be about functional fitness—in other words, you can utilize your body to strengthen more than you ever could with expensive, traditional weights. Be on the lookout for strength training classes infused with various forms of cardio, as well as mind and body cardio classes. The high intensity cardio class, Pound, can be found at Crunch gyms or on DVD (an amazing at home workout!) and incorporates Pilates along with light weight ‘drumsticks’. It’s a workout you won’t want to pass up!

Cardio Trends for a Fitter, Fun Workout!

Ready to unleash your inner lioness, or tap into the cyclist you’ve always wanted to be? While some of these classes launched last year, they’re estimated to be more easily accessible in 2016—where ‘strong is the new skinny.’ Animal Flow classes can be found at select gyms around the country, and incorporate strength training, break dancing and gymnastics. Put a new spin on your old ‘spin’ class with competition based spin. Each class is divided into teams, and the winner is whichever team has the highest overall collective energy/endurance. In addition to these fun, exhilarating cardio classes, be on the lookout for a wide variety of new, dance classes on your gym’s schedule. There’s no better way to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolutions than with a whole new workout plan!