???????????The New Year is almost here. ‘Tis the season for new beginnings and a fresh start! Are you feeling like finally achieving that toned, take-my-breathe-away body that you’ve wanted for years? You’re in luck. 2015 is a whole new year, and it’s time to bring forth a whole new you. How? By striving towards your fitness goals, that’s how. We’ll show you some secrets from the stars and quick and easy get-ready-for-greatness tips that you can’t afford to pass up.

Give Yourself a 30 Day Kick Start

If you have weight to lose, it doesn’t matter if it’s those last five pounds around your middle or fifty pounds all over. Losing weight can be hard—but the first steps are the hardest.  One of the most challenging things about weight loss (or simply toning up) is the ‘instant gratification factor.’ If you don’t see improvement right away, you naturally tend to lose the faith, give up and altogether feel like you have failed.

Make 2015 the year you no longer do that. Make 2015 the year you give your mind and body a kick start! For the month of January (when all of the sugar cookies and fudge have been tossed in the trash) put yourself on a disciplined strength training and cardio workout. Anyone can do anything on a temporary basis—even you. But, it takes 30 days to get bad habits (from a sedentary lifestyle to consuming fast food) out of your system. Build a support network of co-workers, friends and family to root you on. Post your progress on social media to help you stay accountable.

We’ve Got Your Killer Arms (Feel THIS Burn!)

Do you want a backside like JLo? Do you want slim, toned legs like Gwyneth? Then take this exercise from Tracy Anderson, trainer to the stars – you’ll have a killer body you’ll want to show off 365 days a year! Exercising with attitude is the one ‘must have’ move you need!

Start with your knees on the floor, and place your right forearm down on the ground with your left arm down on the ground. Slowly slide your right leg out (as though you are kicking an object from behind you in slow motion.) Come back to the starting position, and repeat the same with your left leg. Then, slide each foot out until they are fully extended and come back to your starting ‘kneeling’ position.

One of the best things about the start of a New Year is the perspective it gives you. You can leave old, unhealthy habits behind and start fresh and new with a pathway to good health that you forge for yourself.  Goodbye 2014. Hello prosperous, healthy 2015 – with a new body and a new perspective that shows it!