Your body is more powerful than you realize—but it falls under the direction of your mind. Your biceps don’t quit, and your core doesn’t give up if your willingness and determination to persevere pushes through the moments of tiredness, laziness or feeing of defeat.

Tired of walking into your gym or walking out of it without giving it your ‘all?’ Here’s your daily dose of inspiration for every day of the week. Memorize it, think about it and use it as your ‘mantra’ while you lunge, curl and lift your way to the sexiest body ever.

Monday: “Make a Bad Day Better By Going to the Gym!”

How long has it been since your day wasn’t packed to the brim? You can’t remember? Exactly. Fortunately, everyone is in the same boat, with a lifestyle that seems to be busier and more hectic than ever. That’s why making time for exercise at your local gym is your break from the busyness, and your method for madness. Give yourself one hour to run a few miles on the treadmill, or take a spin class. When you do, you’ll see that the stress, worry and pressure of your day now seems like a lifetime away.

Tuesday: “Once You See Results, Working Out Becomes Your New Addiction.”

Getting a sculpted core or a set of toned thighs doesn’t happen overnight. But, after weeks or a few months of diligent, hard work and devotion, the results are obvious—with some pain, there is major gain! Notice how your body has changed: your waistline is smaller, your face has thinned out and your backside has become a sculpted sight. Once you see the results, consider your daily workout your new addiction.

Wednesday: “One More Rep. Just One More.”

Don't Give UpWhen you want to achieve anything (big or small) it’s about baby steps. No matter what your fitness goals are (to have more confidence about the way you look, to achieve a flat stomach, to eliminate your ‘love handles’ or to look amazing naked!) don’t worry about how you’re possibly going to climb over the ‘mountain.’ For right now, just ask yourself: “How/where do I take my next step?” One more rep. One more mile. One more set. That’s all you have to put your attention on. The rest will fall into place.

Thursday: “Don’t Think About Quitting. Think About Why You Started.”

When you are in the middle of a Barre, Zumba or Yoga class and think, “I don’t know if I can make it another 20 minutes. I should just give up now,” you aren’t setting yourself up for success, but for failure. As soon as you develop a quitter’s mentality, the game is over. The winner? Fear. Self-doubt. Your inner critic who loves to point fingers at you and tell you what you can’t accomplish.

Shut off the voice in your head that challenges you, and instead focus on the voice that supports you. Think about why you started working out. What were your goals when you became a member at your gym? What excited you? What fueled your enthusiasm for getting in shape?

Friday: “Work It Like You’re About to Run Into Your Ex”

Breaking UpWhat’s one of the most common times of life to stop working out? After a break-up. We feel lousy about ourselves and horrible about the outcome. But, while it may feel gratifying (if only for the moment) to lay on the couch and eat greasy Chinese food, your endorphins are desperate for some playtime. Head outdoors, get into your car and drive to the gym. Get out of ‘break-up mode’ by doing something good for yourself. Lift your way to a happier state of mind. Dance your way to a place of increased self-confidence and pride. Work your body out (from head to toe) as though you’re about to run into your ex—and when you don’t, feel proud of yourself for how good you look and feel.