Calorie counting doesn’t work. Neither does starving yourself, or depriving yourself of those delicious foods you love. So, when it comes to weight loss, what’s the magic formula for losing—and sustaining—that weight drop? As it turns out, eating more may actually help you lose MORE. It’s a win/win, when you approach it the right way!

Mini Meals Are Your Golden Ticket
The good news is, your body requires carbs for energy, and fats and proteins for brain, skin, eye and muscle power. The bad news is, most dieters either skimp on the good fats and carbs they need (like nuts, potatoes and even bacon!) in order to lose weight. They may lose a little at first (water weight mostly), but because their body is in ‘starvation mode’ (the result of eating too little), they then feel famished, and as a result, overeat (causing weight gain.)

The truth is, there’s a much easier, satisfying and delicious way to lose weight—which is by eating small, mini-meals throughout your day (every 2-3 hours, and making dinner your last meal). When you eat frequently but with smaller portions, you stay satisfied—and on top of that, keep your metabolism revving at its optimal state.

The Power Meal Combo
It’s not just the foods you eat that count, but the kinds of foods—especially when combined—that pack the biggest ‘satisfied appetite’ punch. For example, losing weight with frequent meals means that you eat good carbs (potatoes, oats, fruit, beans), ‘good’ fats (avocado, olive oil, bacon, nuts, cheese) and ‘good’ sources of protein (yogurt, eggs, lean meat like chicken breast, tuna or shrimp; spinach, peas, poultry, etc.) If you think that ‘fats’ are bad for losing weight – listen up: fats don’t make you fat. In fact, they are essential for brain health, strong teeth and beautiful hair. Carbs (mainly simple carbs) are what causes you to gain weight, along with a high sugar intake.

avocado-1821778_640Eat More Like This (Not Like That)
Since eating the right kinds of food more often can lead to weight loss (moderation is key!), the right approach to practical eating habits are where your weight loss success really lies. Here are some tips to get you started, so you can rev your metabolism, boost your energy and start sculpting that lean, powerful body of yours:
• Eat within one hour of waking up. Start your metabolism off with a bang by having a slice of toast with an egg and avocado, or a bowl of oatmeal loaded up with berries.
• Make protein, fat and carbs part of every meal. It’s this powerful mix of nutrients that will actually cause you to eat less throughout your day, because you always feel satisfied (as opposed to starving when your calorie counting.)
• As the day progresses, cut back on the carbs (and up your protein). Eating more carbs earlier in the day will give you the energy you need to burn it off. Focus more on proteins as your day goes on.

There isn’t a magic formula to weight loss, but eating mini meals will allow you to gain control over your appetite, and even cause you to change your food cravings. A few weeks of mini meals that are packed with healthy nutrients will cause you to love the choices you’re making—and to keep it up! Nothing feels better than a healthy body and mind. What’s better than being able to eat more, to lose more?