Are you sitting upright at your desk, or slouching right now? If you’re slouching— and slouching is your default posture— then keep reading. You’ll learn how to drastically change your health, vitality and wellness simply by changing your posture.

The Benefits of a Good Posture

If your shoulders and hunched over while you type emails, or you often complain of a aching back, then you’ve got a posture problem. Many people strive to get lean, thin and fit in order to be healthier and more confident, but the truth is, improving your posture can help you to achieve your fitness goals.

A good posture (practice makes perfect, so straighten up as you read this!) can improve your confidence, enable you to breathe correctly, and improve your concentration and focus. Do you want to earn the attention of a gorgeous admirers, or land that promotion you’re after? A simple shift in your posture could seal that deal!


Squats aren’t just a great full body exercise— it’s also a great way to strengthen your posture and your lower back. As you lower your body, make sure that you are keeping your shoulder blades back (many people tend to roll them forward) and your lower back is straight. If you struggle with back issues, it may help to film yourself doing squats so you can examine if your form is off.

Mountain yoga poseMountain Pose

Yoga is a great way to stretch your body, de-stress, strengthen your core and improve your posture. In addition, the mountain pose is one of the best poses for posture correcting! Simple and easy, anyone can succeed with this pose.

Start off in the standing position, with both feet firmly planted on the ground and each hand resting comfortably by your sides. Roll your shoulders back so that your spine is aligned, and slightly roll your belly in. Your eyes should be looking straight ahead, your neck should be long, and the crown of your head should be facing up towards the ceiling. Take a deep breath and count to eight. Exhale and count to eight. Repeat five to ten times.


Like yoga, Pilates is another great workout for improving your posture. This form of exercise strengthens your core, while straightening your posture with each move. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find that you will spend some time making sure your posture is correct with every move— and there’s a reason why. This workout utilizes your core and pelvic floor muscles to adequately relax your shoulders and eliminate back pain.

Whether you have a job that keeps you on the go, you’re tied to a desk job or you stay at home, poor posture can quickly become a problem. Invest just ten minutes a day to work out your shoulders and align your spine, and you’ll improve your health— simply by improving your posture!