Some individuals overlook kettlebells while exercising at the gym. However, kettlebells are versatile pieces of strength training equipment that can enable you to exercise your entire body. Although they seem intimidating, they are the best exercises to build your shoulder, arm, back, and core strength once you learn to use them effectively. You should try these tools next time you go to the gym to get your blood flowing.


Barbells occupy a lot of space, and dumbbells are not versatile for compound workouts. On the other hand, kettlebells have a handle and weighted ball that enable you to perform various exercises simultaneously to activate your muscles.


Advantages of Kettlebell Exercises


Kettlebells offer the ultimate workout, with most of their exercises mimicking daily movements. The equipment’s shape and weight resemble the things we handle every day, so it helps strengthen your arms.


What’s more, kettlebells are ideal for enhancing the strength of your grip. They have thicker handles than dumbbells. 

Consequently, your muscles work extra to hold them. In addition, the distribution of weight on the equipment and the movement of bells develop your grip. Through power training with kettlebells, you will have better endurance and stronger muscles. 


Kettlebell Exercises


There are a variety of kettlebell full-body exercises that you can do at home or the gym. Here is a list of the best kettlebell workouts to try out.


Kettlebell Swing


The exercises are excellent for increasing your heart rate and strengthening your posterior chain. When performing kettlebell swing, you need to engage your glutes and hamstrings to swing your hips fully. If you are new to the tool, you can begin with lighter weights first to enable you to determine the proper posture. Once you have established the correct form, you can advance to heavier loads to help burn fats and strengthen you faster.


Kettlebell Goblet Squat


Perform a great workout of your quads, glutes, and hamstrings with goblet squats. The kettlebell goblet squat is a compound move that exercises several joints and muscles simultaneously. Therefore, it is pretty effective for burning fats and strengthening your core. Additionally, you will get into your natural center of gravity with these squats and get proper form.


Kettlebell Deadlift


Deadlifts are exercises that also engage multiple muscles. You will experience a burning sensation in your hamstrings, glutes, quads, traps, and lats when working out. Although you can do deadlifts with a barbell, it would be better to use a kettlebell.


Kettlebell Pistol Squat


Pistol squats are among the most demanding workouts you will ever do. By adding more weights, you will up this challenging move. The exercise puts your balance to the test and increases your ankles and legs’ joint mobility. Further, it engages your core and burns fat on your quads and glutes. Though pistol squats are advanced moves, beginners can put their foot on the ground or sit on a chair as they exercise.


Kettlebells are valuable training tools for developing muscles and burning fat. They are versatile, and anyone can use them for different moves. The kettlebell’s shape requires you to adjust your grip when using them. Discover some of the exercises you can do with this equipment by reading this article.