Your weight loss efforts are going great. It’s nearly March, which means that you have taken your fitness goals and treated them seriously. So far, you have devoted 2013 to the year that you will replace bad eating habits for good ones, and bring consistent exercise in, where once sitting on your couch and watching mindless TV shows was your priority.

You lunge with enthusiasm. You lift with confidence. You may even downward dog, or tree pose your way to a stress-free way of living, being and thinking with gusto. But even though you know that regular exercise and eating habits will get you the body you dream about having, the motivational factor is the most important factor of all.

It’s what will take your 10 pounds lost, and spiral it upwards to 50 pounds lost.  It will give you the backside that movie stars strive to have. It will allow you to wear a bikini as if you were born to wear it.

Motivational support is the single most fundamental aspect of long term weight loss success, and it can determine the difference between a fit, lean and toned physique, and hiding behind your baggy clothes.

Motivation is necessary for you to succeed (and in order for you to keep succeeding), and when you boost up your motivation to have an off-the-charts sexy, healthy and energetic body, anything else in life becomes, well, a piece of cake to conquer!

Need to improve your motivational muscle? The more you focus on your goals, the stronger it will work for you. Just like your biceps, quads or core, focus on strength training your motivation with as much focus as your strength train your lower or upper body.

Because You Don’t Have Time to Give into Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic use to be fiercely rude, stubborn and negative. Thankfully, it no longer has the power to tell you what you can and can’t achieve! Focus on your daily goals, and as you mentally cross them off your list, give thanks that your fitness success isn’t measured by the strong voice inside you screaming, “You can’t do this!” With each goal you reach, enjoy the sensation of hushing your inner critic to sleep, indefinitely.


Because You’re Worth an Energetic, Happy Life

Need a motivational boost to push through your upcoming hour of cardio? As you endure the elliptical, treadmill or dance class that can help you burn off your lunch or last night’s dinner, make a list of every accomplishment you’ve reached. List your greatest qualities. As you would do on a resume, ‘highlight’ what makes you so deserving of your dream body. You have a bone structure that would make many women ache with envy. You naturally have strong shoulders. You literally went from not working out for the past five years, to now working out five times a week. Whatever you have done and accomplished, remind yourself of it, and your workout will go by quickly!

Visualize the Tide Coming onto Shore

Your motivation stems from the power of your mind. If you want a boost in brain power to get you propelling towards exciting fitness goals throughout 2013 (and you’re already way ahead of the game) focus on the tide coming in to the shore. Feel relaxed as you watch is move back and forth, and to and fro.

Remind yourself as you see the image of the tide that, like your workouts, is just like anything else in life worth having – it’s not without the ebb and flow. It may at times seem hard to push through, but each workout holds meaning for your life. Energy, focus, and calming yourself for the busy hustle-bustle of your day is all found within each workout you endure.

Motivate yourself by applying these tips (with more to come, so stay tuned!) and you’ll get back on the horse before your body has a chance to slip back into old, and outdated eating and exercise patterns. You deserve the body you’ve got, so make it a powerhouse of intention, hard work and determination!