Motivate your partner to exercise

The couple that plays together (is more likely to) stay together. If your partner would rather crash on the couch than hike or hit the gym, these tips can help motivate. Get your sweetie moving and rev up the romance, too.


Try some friendly competition

A little trash talk never hurt anyone. In fact, when it comes to fitness trash talk actually helps. Friendly competition forces you both to work harder and longer. The camaraderie also makes your effort feel a bit easier. The payoff? You get better results, and if you work hard enough you get to gloat, too.


Lead by example

It might be tough but resist…don’t join your partner on the couch. Instead, lace up your sneakers and suggest an after-dinner walk. Promise a no work talk or complaint zone. Use the time to reminisce, hold hands and share laughs. You’ll both lower your stress and boost your bond.

Sign up for fun

Challenge your partner to sign up for a team sport, local run or fitness competition. Studies show that team play improves both health and mood. Do some good in your community, make new friends and improve your health.


Get the family involved

Make exercise a family affair. Siblings or children can encourage your (slothful) partner to be a role model or maybe succumb to peer pressure. When the whole gang is involved your spouse won’t want to be left out of the fun.


Invest and bribe

Head to your local fitness center or purchase some home equipment. Sometimes, having skin in the game (aka cash on the line) is enough to get even the most reluctant exerciser moving. Mount a can’t miss wall calendar and place an x on every day your partner exercises. Decide together what the reward we be for meeting targets. For example, if partner exercises three time each week you give a back rub or treat to a healthy dinner.


Cite studies

It really is the case that exercise strengthens relationships. Studies have shown that when couples exercise together they experience greater satisfaction in their relationship, are more likely to nail fitness goals and find each other more attractive. Exercising together is a great way to keep the romantic fires burning.


Exercise is for every body – even the reluctant ones. If your partner is slow to jump on the health wagon, offer encouragement and be patient. Suggest options and try new types of movement until you find the one that works best. Celebrate small steps and remember – strong is the new sexy.