If you asked yourself how old you feel, would it match up to your actual age? Do you have energy that lasts from morning to night, or do you suffer from chronic physical pain that causes you to feel fatigued and stressed? If you generally feel older than you are, joint mobility may be the solution to your problem!

What Joint Mobility Is and Isn’t

Human Painful JointsYour body is your vehicle in this life. Just as your lungs, heart and muscles depend on nutrient rich foods to stay healthy and strong, your joints require a specific set of mobility exercises in order to strengthen and heal. Joint mobility isn’t flexibility (which is your range of motion). It’s the training in which you give your joints “fuel” from outside energy, causing your joints to become stronger—and can even reverse the aging process. Incorporate joint mobility training in your weekly exercise regime, and you won’t feel your age. You’ll feel even younger!

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Years of unhealthy eating, insufficient sleep and weight gain are some of the common stressors in life that can cause pain on your joints. If you think of your body as the “vehicle” that carries you from place to place, than joint mobility exercises are similar to the oil you put use to keep it running at its best.

Do you have aching joints?

Do you tend to sit or stand hunched over at home and/or at the office?

Do you suffer from a “bad” lower or upper back?  

Do you have “sore” ankles and/or wrists? Hips? A stiff neck?

If you do, you’re not alone. However, the solution could be a simple one, and as routine as brushing your teeth or washing your hair. The answer is weekly (or if you can, daily) exercises to boost your energy and improve your health!

A Few Easy Joint Mobility Exercises to Reverse the Aging Process

Over time, joint mobility decreases, and joint pain worsens. Here’s how to proactively “oil” up your joints, so that your body can feel its best now…and for the future!H

FistHand Stretch. While having your morning cup of coffee or reading the newspaper, get into the habit of a hand stretch and improve your mobility easily. Take one hand at a time, and with your palm facing outwards, stretch it as far as you can. Hold it for a second, and contract it to form a fist. Repeat several times with each hand, and practice this exercise a few times a week (daily is even better!)

Shoulder Circles. You’ve probably done this one before, but it may have been a while! Stand upright, and slowly roll your shoulders in a circular motion. Lift them towards your ears, then roll them towards your back, and all the way around until you’ve come back full circle to your starting position. Repeat several times a day.

Walk like an Egyptian. In a standing position, make an Egyptian pose. You can easily do this by lifting both palms upwards, and twisting your right arm up towards the ceiling while placing your left arm down towards the floor. Feel a good stretch in your shoulders, and repeat daily.

Joint mobility exercises only takes a few minutes to do, and can not only improve the physical health of your joints, but will improve your mental health as well. Don’t you want to have increased energy, and feel younger than you are? It’s a natural anti-aging process that benefits your mind, body and soul. Try it today, and feel the effects as soon as tomorrow.