girl breathingIf you aren’t breathing mindfully, then it could be that you’re setting yourself behind academically, socially, intellectually and even physically. That’s right—mindful breathing (which is the practice of breathing from your belly, and focusing on the breath)—could be the key to a happier and much heathier state of mind (and waistline!) Here’s some of the many reasons to incorporate it throughout your day, and in every facet of your life.

It Can Make You More Compassionate

Most of us go through our body lives—filled with deadlines at work and families to take care of at home—that we rarely stop to think about how our breathing is going. It’s on automatic pilot, after all! But, the truth is, when you go days or weeks without constant deep, belly breaths, your mental and physical health will take a toll. According to a study done by the Psychological Study journal, those who participated in a mindful breathing practice once a day experienced more “do good” behavior. Meaning? The more you breathe from your belly, the more compassionate you become.

It Could Help You Get a Raise at Work

Are you tired of feeling tired all of the time? Are you ready to surge ahead creatively, and climb up the corporate ladder faster than you ever thought you could? Simply by taking a deep breath every time you sit down at your desk, before having a sip of coffee, or start a new task, you can improve your work life in multiple ways. A study from Perspectives on Psychological Science shows a link between deep, belly breaths (and focusing on that breathe without doing anything else) and an increased attention span, emotion regulation, and self-awareness. Breathe mindfully, and get more done at work—as well as getting it done better than you ever have before!

It Promotes Better Sleeping Patterns

Just breatheWhether you fall asleep quickly at night, but wake up easily throughout, or you have insomnia or nightmare issues that have plagued you for years, you know the drill: a good night’s sleep is priceless. Luckily, when you breathe mindfully throughout the day (and right before going to bed), it won’t cost you a thing! A study done by the University of Utah showed that the more mindful you breathe, the better control you have over your emotions, which allows you to wind down properly at night. When you breathe, while practicing the art of being present throughout the breath, you’ll have sweet dreams the whole night through. For many people, a deep, peaceful sleep is worth committing to mindful breathing alone!