There’s nothing worse than outdoing all that progress you’ve made at the gym in the last couple of weeks with a couple of really high-calorie meals! If you’ve slipped, that’s ok – we’ve got the meal prep plan you’ve been waiting for. 


Benefits of Meal Prepping 


Ah, meal prepping! Whether you’re a busy mom, a working professional, you tend to cave during lunch with fast food meals, or you have a major sugar tooth – meal prepping is affordable, doable and most of all, convenient. The idea is to prepare everything ahead of time (Sundays are a good day to do this), so you have it ready to go for the rest of the week. Wholesome and satisfying, meal prepping helps you stay on track and compliments your progress at the gym! Here’s how to execute it:


Pick Your Plan 


Before you do anything, you need to answer the foundational question of what type of meals do I need to reach my goals? Is it low-carb, a certain caloric intake you need to reach (and not surpass)? Keto? The Mediterranean? Pick your plan based on your fitness goals, but remember: no matter what type of diet or daily calorie intake you’re on, there are some staples that will lead to successful meal prep, every single time:


  • Breakfast. Stick to 1-2 options that you rotate out through the week. They should be packed with protein and complex carbs to keep you satisfied throughout the morning. Oatmeal pre-made egg scrambles work well. 


  • Lunch. Give yourself a few base options that contain protein, fewer carbs than breakfast and healthy fats. These could be packable salads or soups in mason jars, sandwiches or grain bowls. Pita bread full of cooked farro, salad greens, chicken and pesto work great! 


  • Dinner. Mix and match options such as grilled beef or chicken with vegetables like zucchini, artichokes, broccoli, and other greens roasted on sheet pans work great. 


You’re ready to rock and roll! With meal prepping at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to stay on track and meet your health goals in record time.