Maximizing floor space

If you’re a dedicated lifter you need to go to the floor sometimes. Here’s why…

Gain strength and size

Pressing from the floor yields great gains with contraction. The reward? Gains in size and strength. Use the floor press as a complement to the bench press. Together, this combination challenges your muscles and boosts overall power and performance.

Save your shoulders

Sometimes you have to go easy to get stronger. Enter the floor press. Because it limits your range of motion when compared with the bench press, the floor press is gentler on your shoulders. Don’t be fooled, though. Lifting from the floor is more challenging than lifting from the bench. The extra challenge helps you build more muscle in your shoulders and triceps.

Save your back too

When you press from the bench, overarching can give your back the blues. Moving to the floor can reduce lumbar extension, thus reducing back strain and pain.

Maximize your workout time

Go to the floor to bypass the bench crowd. Especially if your gym is crowded, using floor space can give you the flexibility to keep moving with your sets even when the bench is occupied. The floor press is old school. After all, it was around long before benches came into being. If you’re working out at home on a budget don’t fret. You can get a good workout in without a bench. That means no excuses for blowing your budget or blowing off your lift session.

Why else should you go to the floor? Because the floor press

  • Will improve your performance with the bench press and overhead press.
  • Provides consistency with range of motion so muscles adapt quickly.
  • Builds a wider set of pushing movement and strengths like lockout and pressing.
  • Provides the perfect complement to your bench press as part of your overload regimen.
  • Provides a pure upper body workout for impressive strength gains.
  • Offers a muscle friendly option for beginners or injured lifters so you reduce down time.

There are benefits beyond the bench. Considering adding the floor press to your lift program. For best results, aim for 60 to 80 percent of your typical weight. Give it a try the next time you’re at the gym. You’ve got nothing to lose and only muscle to gain.