Making the most of hotel gyms

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to abandon your fitness routine. Head to the hotel gym. These tips will help you stay true to your workout track.


Go back to basics

Most every hotel gym has a treadmill, bike and/or elliptical. Get on and get going. Better yet, step it up with a HIIT (high intensity interval training) challenge. Alternate periods of high and low intensity for a more efficient workout you can squeeze in even with a jam-packed agenda.


Enjoy the flexibility

Hotel gyms are typically open 24-hours daily. That means they are ready when you are – and even when you aren’t. Vow to take advantage of the convenient, traffic free chance to exercise. Review your schedule and plan for at least 20 to 30 minutes most days. Exercise boosts cognitive function in the long and short term. You know it is also great for managing stress. So, head to the hotel gym before the breakfast buffet or after that late night meeting. You’ll feel more confident and energetic in meetings and you’ll feel mentally sharper too.

Don’t skip the dumbbells

Not every hotel has them but if yours does, get in a few reps. Don’t fret if only low weights are available. Studies show you can still gain muscle and build strength as well as endurance when you lift lighter weights. Focus your efforts on achieving perfect form as you lift. Shorten time between sets and increase reps for the most benefit with lighter weights.


Think recovery

If you travel often keep an exercise log and a calendar to help with planning. Plan to do your heaviest exercise at home. Use the hotel gym for your recovery or cross-training.


Pack accessories

Most hotel gyms have plenty of floor space and few patrons. Why not pack your jump rope or resistance bands to diversify your travel workout routine?


Speak to the concierge

Take your sweat session out of the hotel. Many hotels now offer maps of nearby runs that are appropriate for a variety of fitness levels. Some even loan equipment like sneakers and headphones. Check with the concierge.


Don’t forget the pool

It’s usually next door to the fitness center. Swimming is also a good way to get in some aerobic activity. Great for cross training and easy on the joints a few laps in the pool will also earn you your exercise star for the day.


Hotel gyms help you stay on track when you travel. Hit the treadmill for a challenging HIIT workout, take your time away as a recovery or cross-training switch or try a new route for your run. The goal is to keep moving. Just because you left your home town doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your commitment to fitness.