cellulite cross sectionHow confident do you feel in shorts these days? If you’ve become a bit gun shy about showing off your legs (or haven’t been willing to show them off in years) there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, through a series of exercises targeting your lower body, you can dramatically tone and tighten your most troubled areas. Here’s a set of cellulite blasting exercises to get you moving in the right direction!

Walk Off the Dimples

No, dimples don’t look good—but the good news is, you can walk them off! Walking produces many benefits for overall health, including elevation of mood, can lower the risk of heart disease and when you walk at a brisk pace, can burn 300 calories in an hour. In order to demolish those dimples on your thighs, walk at a brisk pace for 30-45 minutes. If you’re an outdoor exerciser, refer to an app like Mapmywalk.com in order to calculate the best and nearest trails to you. Walk at a brisk pace on flatland, and take advantage of hilly terrain whenever you can.

If you prefer walking indoors, challenge your body (and banish cellulite in no time at all) by walking at an incline on the treadmill for twenty minutes, or using the Stairmaster to really challenge your body! Walking for at least thirty minutes three times a week will cause you to drop pounds, lose inches and diminish cellulite in a much shorter time than you may think.

The Thigh Raise

woman leg celluliteThe thigh raise is the perfect, no-equipment-needed exercise to start off each morning, or to end each day with. No time to work out? Perform a few sets of the thigh raise in your office during your lunch hour! Simply start in a lying down position (on your stomach) with your arms out to your sides but raised a few inches off from the ground. Next, bend your knees so they are slightly off of the ground, and lift your legs up as high as you can. Bend your elbows and bring them in (resting under your head). Hold this pose for 10-1 seconds. Bring your legs back down to the ground, and repeat.

Practice Your Kicks

This exercise is perfect for anyone who wants to banish cellulite, or who has recently suffered from an upper body injury (upper back, neck, shoulders, etc.) and needs to target the lower body. Start in a sitting position, and extend your right leg straight out in front of you. Bring your left leg up towards your chest by bending the knee and place your left foot flat on the floor. Now, take your right leg and lift it about six inches off of the ground. With a straight back, and your chin slightly raised, hold this position for about 5 seconds. If you can do more, go for it! The more you do this exercise, the greater of a tolerance you’ll build. Increase your time every week by five second intervals (this week hold it for five seconds, next week hold it for ten seconds, etc.)

No matter what you believe about your thigh jiggle, cellulite does not have to be here to stay. Focus on targeting the lower body with exercises that aim to strengthen your quads and in no time at all, you’ll have youthful, smooth and slim thighs you only dreamed about!