Group exercise classes are a great way to stay fit and have fun. The possibilities are endless, so why not join in? Here’s what you’ll get.

Encouraging energy

Group camaraderie has a special energy. Use the spark it gives to push yourself a little more, learn from the people around you and enjoy the “we’re in this together” connection. Moving together is a great reminder of the goals and benefits you are sharing with your fellow humans in the class.

Support to try something new

Group exercise classes have the benefit of instruction. Use his or her expertise to learn new steps or fitness moves. Get rid of guesswork and get the support you need to nail a new exercise challenge. As a bonus you’ll beat boredom and expand your fitness repertoire. 

Meet new people

Chances are if you go to the same classes regularly, you will start to recognize some faces. Can you say accountability? They’ll recognize your face, too and ask about you when you skip class. Somehow, going to class when you know friendly faces are looking for you and will miss you when you skip, just makes going a little easier. Speaking of accountability – group exercise classes are usually around 60 minutes. Once class begins, you aren’t as likely to flake out as you might be when going it alone. With group classes you’re in until the end.

Great music

Group exercise classes usually have good music. Music makes it easier to work harder, but with less effort. Let the beats pull you along to a new personal fitness best.

Avoid injury

Trained instructors can provide support for proper form and movement, so you are less likely to hurt yourself. You’ll learn modifications based on your fitness level and get helpful feedback. Group classes are an affordable way to workout with expert support.

Working out with a group is a great way to stay motivated, boost endurance and have fun. Let the music and rhythm of the group stoke your energy levels, while the instructor guides you. Use this time to feel connected with fellow humans as you work toward similar health and fitness goals. When we are all sweating and moving together it can be easy to remember that we have much in common. Why not sign up for a group class today? You’ll be glad you did.