You’ve sweated it out. You’ve burned calories. And, at last, you’ve conquered! You’re at your ideal weight and that alone deserves a medal. Whether it’s taken you weeks, months or years to achieve, finally mastering your goal weight is a huge accomplishment. So, now what? Now that you’ve arrived with a slim, trim and toned figure, how do you keep it? How can you best maintain the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose? Simple. By following these three essential rules to keep your weight as it is today, you’ll be walking on easy street by tomorrow.




Rule #1 – Don’t Regress with Habits of the Past

Several long-term studies have shown that 95% of weight loss folks in the United States who have reached their ideal weight haven’t been able to maintain it for the long haul. The #1 reason for gaining weight back? Reverting back to old eating habits. Do you find comfort in crackers, cookies and chips, or do you have a weakness for fast food? Have you stopped eating smaller, more frequent meals and find yourself feasting on larger, low-nutrient rich foods? These are all weight gain pits, so if you don’t want to retract the hard work it took to lose your belly fat in the first place, stay focused on eating habits you used to lose the weight, and you’ll undoubtedly keep it off for good.


Rule #2—Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle in Check

Drink water throughout the day (eight glasses a day is recommended), eat a high protein breakfast within one hour of waking up, make lunch your biggest meal of the day and insist that it’s packed with lean meats, whole grains and fresh fruit; and make your dinner light and eaten within two hours of going to bed. Have you skipped your workouts lately? Continue burning fat with cardio exercise with your heart beating 100BPM 3-5 times a week. As a result, you’ll never have the weight-gain blues again.


Rule #3 – Take Pictures of Yourself as a Newer, Slimmer You!

You don’t need fat burners to keep your ideal body in shape. Instead, try this for motivation – gazing at pictures of your slimmer, toned body any time you feel the urge to snack on sugary, salty foods! You’ve accomplished something that many people can’t, and
for that, you deserve a medal. While you may not have received national recognition as the winning contestant on The Biggest Loser, you have achieved on the hardest things there is to master – a transformative body. It may be tempting to think, “One cookie won’t hurt,” but can you stop at one cookie? Most people can’t, so if you need some encouragement not to break into the processed food state of mind, take pictures of your super-svelte body and post them all around the house. You’ll agree that after looking at a visual of your huge accomplishment – that cookie, in the end, just isn’t worth it.

In between your weekly workouts and impressive eating habits, take some time to give yourself a pat on the back. You worked hard to change your body mass index, lose the belly fat and earn those toned, slim thighs. You’ve achieved it, so keep it! Practice the above mentioned tips and stay off the roller coaster weight loss/weight gain indefinitely.