gym woman personal trainer with weight trainingStrength training just three times a week builds body confidence. It takes about that much training over just a few weeks to start seeing results. Weight training helps you look better as well as feel better both physically and emotionally. That’s a powerful combination for confidence because, let’s face it, when you look better and you add the boost of endorphins that flows through your blood stream with weight training – you feel like you can take on the world. Want to know how weight training can help you build confidence? Read on.

Following through feels good

Adopting a weight training program that you actually stick to boosts confidence by reminding you that you are the kind of person that makes, and keeps, promises. Setting goals and meeting those goals boosts feelings of success and confidence. A recent TED talk speaker mentioned grit or the ability to persevere as the biggest predictor of success (a confidence builder). Also, as you push yourself to accept and meet more challenges physically you enjoy corresponding benefits mentally. You begin to push beyond self-limiting beliefs. Use your growing mental strength to confidently meet challenges in other life areas.

Builds muscle and fitness

Weight training helps you more effectively carry out activities of daily living. More easily accomplish tasks like carrying groceries, running for the train or simply maintaining your balance, flexibility and coordination. All these things help you feel capable and remain independent, both of which are big confidence builders. Good examples to include in your regimen include standing bicep curls and step-ups with weights.

Feel healthier and have more energy

Push-ups together are more funOn the most basic level the health boost you get from weight training helps you stand a little taller and walk with a bit more pep in your step. In contrast to stooped shoulders and slow, tired movements weight training helps you embody confidence. It is immediately evident in the way you carry yourself. Weight training also boosts mood. A good mood can help you maintain a level of optimism and confidence.

The confidence of using control

Weight training is a choice. When you accept it you are choosing to benefit from the emotional and physical health benefits that come along with it. Just knowing you have made this powerful choice is a confidence builder because it gives another layer to your sense of self. You understand yourself as someone that is proactive about health management, capable of making a plan and following through, and willing to do what it takes to feel good in your body. In other words someone that knows how to make a difference in their own life and chooses to do so. That’s the source of a wellspring of confidence.