A successful workout requires many things – motivation, focus, determination and a drive to do better so that you can be better. But what about the power of the breath? Can you actually achieve good health just be breathing correctly?

It’s true what they say: Breathe deeply, and improve your happiness.

The same rule can be applied in the weight room. When you breathe deeply and mindfully, you’re actually bringing on an awareness of your body and mind, putting you in tune with achy joints and muscle pain and allowing you to cleanse the toxins from your body.

There is mental fatigue, and physical fatigue. There is the risk of stroke, heart attack or heart disease. And, then there is the obesity epidemic that plagues thousands of new victims each year.

When you breathe correctly, you can reduce your risk of major health concerns, improve your energy level and even boost the amount of brain power you have at any given time. If you struggle with chronic bronchitis or asthma, you can reduce, or sometimes, even eliminate those physical discomforts all together.

Breathing Benefits That Make the Difference During High Intensity Workouts (And Beyond!)

If breathing can help your body during regular waking hours in such significant ways, just think about what it can do for your exercise routine!   When you breath mindfully (in a way that is deep and controlled) you can improve your blood circulation, which will give you the ‘oomph’ you need to squat, lift, lunge, balance and move yourself to weight loss success and victory.

Planning on training for an upcoming marathon, or do you just want to curb your sugar cravings once and for all? When you exercise and breathe deeply through each rep and set you do, you’ll train your body to not just work more effectively for you, but you’ll develop an increased endurance to push through challenging workouts you thought you could never get through.

Exercising isn’t easy, but when it comes to testing your body and pushing it to its limits, it’s all in the breath. It’s dependent on a correct inhale and exhale. Try this following exercise the next time you walk, run or sprint. As you burn calories, strengthen your calf muscles and achieve a higher level of confidence, you’ll become in tune with your body and all it needs from you to become your best, glowing and healthiest self.

A Quick and Easy Breathing Exercise

During your morning stretch (which feel so good) practice taking a deep breath by inhaling slowly. Focus on sitting upright, either with your legs straight out in front of you or by sitting Indian style, with your legs crossed.  Take one deep breath and slow enough so you can count to three. Hold it for a few seconds, and exhale as you count to three. As you do, you should feel your diaphragm expanding and contracting, and feel relaxed, connected and with a clear mind. Repeat up to five times, and begin to start and end your workout this way.

Incorporate mindful breathing into every workout and you’ll find that not only will you have a more successful workout each and every time, but you’ll feel lighter, happier and at peace with your body – despite how much you want to improve and strengthen it.