Quiet that critical voice in your head and boldly gaze into the gym mirror. Why? The gym mirror really is your friend. It is always there to help you monitor your progress, check your form and even indulge in a little fantasy. The next time you are at the gym get front and center for a bird’s eye view of you becoming your best physical self.

Monitor your progress

Deciding to commit to a regular exercise plan is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Seeing the real results of that decision in the gym mirror can be powerfully motivating. Each time you catch a glimpse of developing muscle tone, rejoice. You put in the sweat for the svelte form you see in the mirror. Do you also see a vibrant and energetic person looking back at you? Yes! That is you off the couch and on the move.

Check your form

Weight training helps build muscle mass. It also keeps your bones strong and gives you a leaner look. Unfortunately, injuries often happen because of poor form while lifting. Use the gym mirror to help you adjust your form and stay injury free.  Give yourself a little pep talk as you complete each set of reps. Remind the person in the mirror of any payoffs or rewards you looked forward to when you made the commitment to your physical health. The gym mirror can show you what it looks like to keep the promise.

Indulge in a little fantasy

You love Zumba or aerobics and you have always wanted to be on Broadway or in a music video.  Let the gym mirror help you slip into the fantasy. Enjoy seeing yourself move in sync with the beat. Feel the energy of your classmates.  Watch yourself shake off the cares of the day. Doesn’t it feel great? The gym mirror can also help you create some fantasy in spin class. Gaze into the mirror at your hardworking form and see yourself riding in the Tour de France. Imaginary play isn’t just for kids.

The gym mirror is your friend even if you’re worried that your progress is too slow, or you can’t yet follow all the steps or keep up in class. Look into the gym mirror and appreciate what you see there; a body in motion.  Be patient and keep watching, the person you see blossoming is you.