Obesity in children continues to be on the rise, and a culture of hefty kids seems to be more of the ‘norm’ than ever before. Conveniently packaged crackers and cookies marketed for children stuffed with high fructose corn syrup are served at their school’s cafeteria, while at the same time, school districts are cutting P.E. programs. It’s no wonder kids are dealing with weight issues and as a nation, we’re dealing with an obesity epidemic.  Kid’s fitness? Yes please! Here’s what you can do to encourage an active upbringing with your ‘little ones.’

Gyms Aren’t Just for Grown-Ups, Anymore

It’s about time you stop thinking about your gym as the place you go to burn some calories, and get your ‘runner’s high’ on. These days, the modern gym is all about family fitness. As in, everyone in your family (grown-up’s and kids alike) can get fit, stay active and feel better leaving than when they came in. Gyms are great for children, because it keeps them entertained while you head to spin class, or work on your quads. From organized basketball for your pre-teens to toys galore for your toddler, you can enjoy all the benefits of your gym—where your whole family can stay healthy, happy and active!

Put a Spider Wall in the Play Room or Outdoors  

Who says you have to go to a gym to get your kids away from their video games, and staying in motion? Put a mini-gym in their play room or in your backyard and give them the convenience of a workout any time during the day or night! Do you have a spider man fan on your hands?  Then install a ‘web’ on their wall! From ropes to fitness rings, your little superhero can develop his web slinging super powers while getting a great workout! Apply the same technique to your little “Elsa” by purchasing a swing set or jungle gym. Getting the kids outdoors is easy. All it takes is the right equipment.

Karate, Dancing and Kickball—Discovering Their Favorites!

Has your child become a ‘couch potato?’ Here’s an easy fix: customize an exercise plan to fit their taste, not yours. Your child will be motivated to run, search, jump and even do push-ups under the right circumstances (and by ‘right’ we mean ‘fun!’) Does your four year old love to ‘pretend fight’? Sounds like he’d love karate. Does your eight year old love to twirl around in circles? Sign her up for a ballet class! Teaching your children to be active should be fun, but it always begins with you. Make it fun, and set an example of an active life yourself.  They’ll be sure to follow.