Whether you know it or not, you’re already holding onto the golden ticket of successful and long lasting weight loss (and it starts and ends with interval training!)

Just like anything else in life, if you go through the same motions every single time, life will get stagnant. You’ll become bored. And eventually you’ll lose the motivation to do that very thing that used to bring about happiness, satisfaction and passion in you.

Instead of losing your momentum to further gain the body you dream about having, take it up a notch with interval training. From the stair stepper to the treadmill, there’s very little interval training can’t accomplish.

So take your pick of cardio equipment and you’ll feel, act, and look younger, faster, and more fit than you ever thought you’d be. Here are the top two benefits and motivational boosters to get you there.

#1 – It’s Intense, But Worth Every Second

If you’ve been killing yourself jogging for 50 minutes on a treadmill for each workout session (and doing everything you can not to hit the stop button) then you’ll shout with enthusiasm over this – you can have the same, if not more efficient results, with just 15 minutes of interval training.

True, interval training will be intense, but you’ll cut your time in half, and with a killer bod to boot! Go from walking to sprinting and then head down to a light jog, with just one last bout of sprinting for maximum results.  You’ll sweat more, burn more calories and enjoy a short but to the point workout that gives you the body you want!


#2 – A Longer Workout Isn’t Necessarily a Better Workout

You work hard to burn fat, and you work even harder to squeeze in a workout after a long day at the office. Who knew that interval training can actually help you fight off stress better than a low intensity workout can?

Now you know the drill – go into your workout strong, determined and intense, in order to have that strong body you dream about having, from head to toe. Many people make the mistake of working out incorrectly with the wrong mindset in place. They may think that the longer you work out, the more calories you will burn. However, when you do the same walking, running or stair climbing workout day after day, you may just be spinning your wheels in place.

Spend just two short weeks changing up your intensity and see fast and furious results that will leave you looking at yourself in the mirror, and gleefully giggling at the results on your hips, and your thighs. If you’re used to walking for an hour, speed up the walk you take. Adjust your treadmill to go from moderate walking pace for a few minutes, to an incline set at 10, and then another few minutes of an incline at 14. When you maintain that high incline for five minutes, go back to a walk, and repeat for up to 30 minutes.

Interval training is all about changing up the pace every few minutes so that your body can go into a ‘shock and awe’ process. Shock your body from low to high intensity, and it will strengthen, lighten and tone your legs, stomach, shoulders and core – and in half the time you’re used to!