Muscle man making pushupsIf you’ve ever seen an actor playing the part of a mean, cut throat prisoner in the movies, chances were he was doing chin ups in his cell or push-ups in the common area. What’s there to do in prison besides getting buff, anyways?

With no fancy equipment, prisoners keep their workouts old school—and that’s what the following workout is all about. No bull, no excuses, and no machines. All you need to get ripped is your own body. Keep reading so you can reap the benefits of a hard core workout that brings you fast results, and instant satisfaction.

Monday: The Upper Body Challenge

During your upper body days, you’ll want to focus on push-ups and pull-ups. To get ripped in no time at all, get buff with exercises that strengthen your back, shoulder and bicep muscles while also improving your endurance and momentum. Use a pull bar at your gym (or install one in your home) and alternate between chin-ups and pull-ups—that way you’ll target various muscles in your upper body, and fight off a plateau (so you’re also taking your fitness up a level!)

Man doing lunge exercises with sand bagTuesday: Lower Body Jailhouse Routine  

Prisoners don’t have any high ticket weight machines to work with, and when you work out like a prisoner, neither do you. Keep it old school, with a lower body workout that reflects just that. During your lower body days, focus on lunges, and jumping jacks. Turn the traditional squat into a ‘prisoner style squat’ by squatting 50 or 100 times (instead of a mere dozen you may be used to.)

Wednesday: Target the Whole Body

If you’re seriously taking on the prisoner workout, then you should be tired by now—but don’t give up yet, because you’ve got some burpees to do. That’s what you’ll focus on during your full body workout day! But prisioner style burpees are a bit different—you’ll want to do each one with a five count rhythm. Make them fast, and make them count, just like prisioners do! Burpees are incredibly powerful, because you’re essentially moving from a fighter on his feet position, to a solider stance on the ground. Your endurance will drastically improve, as will your strength, focus, and balance.

Now it’s time to rest. Give yourself a day off. Sit back and enjoy a movie marathon, or take a relaxing walk after dinner with your significant other. But don’t stay up too late—tomorrow you’re back to it, and repeating the workout from day one.