Check MarkWhen it comes to losing weight, getting trim, eliminating those ‘trouble areas’ and altogether getting a flat, washboard stomach, ‘feeling the burn’ is a prerequisite for achieving your ideal bod. In fact, if you’ve just met your fitness goal(s), then you know it was no easy feat, but instead the culmination of many different lifestyle changes.

Now that you’ve met your goal, you may wonder, “Now what?” Here’s the answer: make new goals, and keep up your new lifestyle of health and fitness. It’s the only true way not to lose what you worked so hard TO lose!


Redefine Your List of Priorities

Set Your PriorityWhen you first set out to lose weight, you had one goal: drop pounds in a specific period of time. Because that was your goal, you lunged, ran, lifted and jump roped your way to a slimmer, healthier body. Take a look at your goal list (if you don’t have one, create a quick list of all fitness, weight loss and health related goals you can think of). Choose one goal that will allow you to stay as slim and fit as you are now, and choose an additional goal that will allow you to jump to a whole new level in endurance or strength.

For example, if you lost weight through means of running, choose another route that will target strength in a whole new area of your body, such as a dance class you’ll take three times a week, or a biker’s club.

Change the Structure of Your Workouts

Everyone’s got someone in their life who is in better shape than they are—so, since you’re a healthier and more motivating ‘you’, why not use them to your advantage? Pick a friend, a co-worker or maybe just someone you know in Zumba who challenges you by her fit physique to perform at a stronger, faster or more skilled level? Change the structure of your workouts to continue meeting your goals (the change up will help you fight weight loss plateau and burnout). If you’re used to working out by yourself, join a club, boot camp or class, or grab a family member or buddy who is fitter than you are to push you past your limits.

Each time you accomplish a goal, you become a healthier, fitter and happier you. Keep trying, and keep striving. The healthiest and happiest you, you’ve ever been is just a goal away.