BasketballSure, you may be going to the gym these days, but how excited are you to be there? Are you going through the motions with those bicep curls, leg presses and shoulder extensions, or being the champion of each and every one? It’s March Madness, and whether you’re dreaming of being an all-star or just want the body of one, we’ve got it—all you need to ‘up the ante’ in your own workout. Get ready and get set to rock your best workout ever, no matter how routine or challenging it may be.

Better Than Yesterday

What makes you a champion in the weight room? Is it pumping iron like no one’s business? Nah. What makes a real winner is setting yourself up for success by comparing yourself today to the person you were yesterday. Forget that guy who has the biceps you want, or the woman who has the toned, flat stomach you’d KILL for. All you need is to become more mentally determined and physically stronger than you were yesterday. It’s not a race between you and ‘bodybuilder guy’ or you and ‘supermodel physique girl.’ It’s a standoff between ‘you in the past’ and ‘you in the present.’

The Only Mantra You’ll Ever Need

Do you know what you need to do but not quite sure how you’ll get through spin class, or make it through another round of push-ups or lifting the bar just one more time? Come up with a mantra will give you that ‘oomph’ to push through the toughest rep, and conquer the most adrenaline pumping run on the treadmill.

Strong Bodybuilding FemaleMantras are so powerful because they give your mind something positive to focus on. Whether you know it or not, negative thoughts creep in at the gym. By habit, you compare yourself to someone’s ‘perfect’ body for a second, or you start focusing on how much more weight you have to lose—despite the fact that you’ve come so far already.

Before the negative has a chance to affect your will power, hit your mind with this mantra instead: “Every day I’m better. Every day I’m stronger. Every day I’m closer.” Repeat this mantra over and over. Do it while you’re in the middle of spin class or boot camp, right at that moment you’re thinking, “I can’t make it to the end of class.” Drown out those thoughts for one single, powerful one—your mantra. It works every time.