If you already have a fit body, aren’t a stranger to a 10K, or in general, feel pretty happy with the way you look (due to being a regular at spin class) you may think, “I got this. I’m in shape. Why change anything I’m doing in the gym or outside of it?” The truth is, being fit and healthy throughout your life is all about the ‘change up’ from time to time. Learn to fluctuate the level of intensity in which you lift, run and climb, and you’ll reap its many benefits. Keep reading to learn all about it!

Increase Your Endurance Because It Matters

EnduranceWhether you’re emailing some spreadsheets to your boss, or performing sprints on the bleachers, your muscles are always working, moving, and strengthening. Are there certain daily activities in your life that you struggle with? For example, if you exercise sporadically, you may have a hard time making it up the stairs to your apartment building without being out of breath, or lifting heavy boxes may be something that is difficult to do. One of the best ways to make your daily chores and activities easier is by strengthening your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. When you adjust your endurance, you’ll have more stamina, boost your heart health and develop better athletic and fitness performance overall.

High Intensity for Strength

When you want to improve your strength, increase your intensity (as opposed to lowering the intensity when you want to improve your cardio endurance). As a result, you’ll not only become stronger in body, but you’ll become stronger in mind, too. Do you want to find the best way to burn fat—as well one of the fastest ways—to kick start your metabolism and weight loss? Focus on high intensity strength training and say goodbye to the ‘old you’. Increase your weight gradually, but be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin. With less reps but more weight, you’ll tone every muscle in your body at lightning speed!

Low Intensity for Endurance

runnerDo you want the endurance of an IronMan contender? Whether you long to have the ability to run long distances or you simply want to improve your heart health, lowering your intensity during exercise can allow you to reap the benefits of stamina and total body strength! Achieve this by incorporating a new rule of thumb: take it slow, and improve your distance by 10 percent each week. That means that if you want to be able to run ten miles (but currently can only run two), slow down the speed at which you run, and each week increase your distance by ten percent. In no time at all, you’ll be a long distance runner or walker!

Adjusting your intensity for endurance only requires the right mindset. By simply focusing on the goals you want to achieve, and using this as your guide, you can’t go wrong.  Soon you’ll see the results you’ve spent so long trying to achieve!