Why does support from your family matter when it comes to your fitness journey? Because accountability works. But there are other reasons why making your fitness a family affair works so well. We’ll share all of them, so read on!


Accountability Counts


Taking your health seriously is step one. But step two? Learning how to use the tools you already have in place (aka: your family) to keep your motivation going! Let them know why you’re wanting to get fit (more energy to play with the kids, to train to compete in your first 5k, etc.). Show them that with hard work, comes the ultimate payoff – health, stamina, and happiness. Then just watch – they’ll Likely model some of your healthy habits and adopt a few of their own!


The Shift in Family Fitness


Getting fit isn’t just about you. When you ask for your family’s support, it may become their journey too. Let’s get back to the facts: working out allows you to focus on building something better than you’ve had previously. Stronger. More vibrant. Increased energy, which equals to more quality family time, which leads to a healthier and happier family overall. As they see your physical progress, and change in mood, confidence and overall happiness, your spouse, children or siblings may be compelled to get fit too. Talk about a win/win!


What if you have kids who are gamers? How do you motivate your children – regardless of age – to get daily exercise in? By making it fun. Here’s some simple ideas to get their blood pumping. And their endorphins going strong:


  • Bike everywhere. Do you do a Pizza Night Fridays? Perfect! You don’t have to eliminate the family tradition, but you can change how you get there. Skip the car ride and ride your bikes instead. It’s fun, and it’s fitness!
  • Make more time to play. This is a no-brainer. Turn off the TV and head to the park to fly kites or have a dodgeball contest. With the hot weather in full swing, grab some water guns, and cool down while getting sweaty from the workout!
  • Do the chores together. Chores do NOT have to be a chore. Have your kids help with indoor chores by dancing along the way and end it with a singing competition. Incorporate the outdoor weed pulling and mowing with creating their own garden, full of their favorite fruits and/or vegetables.


Fitness can be fun, and the more your family is on board, the easier it can become!