Signing up for a spring event means you will have to do some winter training. But what if temperatures are below freezing or a blizzard blocks the trail? Train indoors, of course!

Train indoors for a marathon
Hop on the treadmill. Although running outside is best because it most closely simulates race day conditions (think about things you need to prepare for such as uneven pavement, weather, and even distractions) the treadmill has some benefits. For example, using a treadmill can help you perfect your pacing and even force you to push yourself when you want to phone in your run.

Cross train. Stamina and endurance are key for successful marathoning. Build yours indoors with cross training. For example, if you typical run 10 miles in two hours, plan a two hours workout at the gym. Cycle for 40 minutes, lift for 20 minutes, run on the treadmill for 40 minutes and cycle for another 20 minutes.

Group of man and woman jumping on fit boxInterval training. This is a really great way to build stamina and endurance. Try a HIIT at home program to keep your training flow going. Run fast in place with butt kicks and high knees. Add in some burpees and box jumping and you’ve got an intense workout that may just help you run faster on race day.

Train indoors for an obstacle course race
If you have an obstacle course indoor gym in your area, consider a guest membership to complement your outdoor training plan. If not, get a list of all the activities you’ll need to perform as part of the race. Practice these at home. For example, climbing and crawling are common features of an obstacle race. Practice crawling on all fours several times a week at home. Don’t forget to go low, you’ll need practice crawling under race obstacles. Add in some body weight exercises such as push-ups and squats, too. Finally, don’t forget to run. If you don’t have a treadmill, just run in place or head up and down the stairs several times during your workout.

Train indoors for a triathlon
This three-sport event will demand a lot of you. Be ready with HIIT training, treadmill running, and cycling. Add in some swimming and you will be ready to meet the challenge on your big day. Consider planning your training in race day order. For example, if during the race you will run first hit the treadmill first, then the bike then the pool. Mix up your routine to prevent overtraining with high-intensity interval training. As a bonus, you’ll boost your stamina and endurance.

Train indoors for trail running
The treadmill is a good winter friend to all runners. Use one to continue your training plan when the weather just won’t cooperate. Today’s treadmills are pretty advanced. Experiment with settings and courses for an experience closest to being outdoors. Some treadmills have a trail running setting.

Don’t let brutal weather derail you from race day glory. Work to build speed, stamina, and endurance indoors. Include cardio and plan your workout with an eye toward the muscles you will use on event day. Stay encouraged – some of the world’s best athletes have trained indoors and won.