Combining Strength and Cardio Is Important


It’s important to start off by stating that each person is different, so everyone has different interpretations of the standard national recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. Because of this, saying that you should just make sure to work out for at least 150 minutes each week is oversimplifying things. You should ensure that your weekly exercise plan includes cardio and strength. However, “…what someone working on cardio and muscular endurance will lay out for the week will look a lot different than someone who is training for strength or power,” according to Candice Cunnigham, a fitness expert. 


Define Your Goals Clearly


You should make sure that you have clear goals in mind when creating your weekly workout routine. Is your goal to gain muscle? Are you training for a marathon? Are you simply trying to reduce body fat or manage your stress in a healthy way? 


You should take your activity level into consideration when you’re creating your weekly workout regimen. If you’re not yet particularly active, you might want to start off with only working out one or two days per week. However, if you’re already fairly active, you may prefer to work out between four and five days per week. A balanced week of working out includes working on muscular strength and endurance, improving your flexibility, and working on your cardio, too. 


Is It a Good Idea to Work Out Every Day?


The simple answer is no. In any given week, you should make sure that you’re taking off at least one day or even two days from high-intensity exercise. You can do low-intensity exercise on these off days if you wish. Taking a few days off per week helps you prevent overexercising. Not taking any days off can potentially lead to injury, as well. 


Your lifestyle is a critical factor to consider when discussing taking days off from high-intensity exercise. If you’re a parent and working a full-time job at the same time, several short workouts every week is more doable than two long exercise days a week at your local gym. You should choose workouts you enjoy because doing so will probably help you exercise constantly. 


How Long Should You Work Out Per Session?


You should strive to work out for at least 20 minutes per session. If you’re working out in an attempt to lose weight, Cunningham recommends that you should work out for between 45 to 60-minute sessions. If you’re only working on your cardio, 30 minutes a session is just fine. You should vary both your workouts and how long they last for optimal results. 


How Do You Create a Balanced Workout Routine?


It’s important to write out a workout schedule. You can do so via the notes on your phone. A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) running workout is often good for establishing a balanced workout routine because it combines strength training and cardio training. You can even schedule your workouts on a physical calendar if you so wish. It’s important not to beat yourself up if you miss one day or a few days at first because this will not ruin your progress.