Have you ever wondered how extreme cold or hot weather affect your performance? Have you ever wondered how extreme cold or hot weather affect your performance? f you like to take it outdoors and you’re faced with harsh wind, dropping temperatures or high heat, be careful: it can affect not only your training, but your health. This article will teach you how and why it makes such an impact. 


Three Unexpected Ways Weather Slows Down Performance 

Whether you’re just encountered a downpour in the middle of your run or your sprinting in triple digit weather, be mindful of the messages your body is giving you. Bbelieve it or not, it goes beyond “You’ve got to be crazy working out in the niddle of summer, outdoors!” Here’s 5 top reasons why:


First: Your Heart Has to Work Harder in Extreme Weather 

If you’re exercising in the heat, your heart has to work harder. With hot temperatures, your body directs blood flow towards the skin which naturally cools you down. When that happens, you have less blood flowing to the heart, which means it has to work harder to pump the amount you need. This is why you feel tired after a shorter workout outdoors in the heat, than you would indoors with regulated air conditioning. 


Secondly: Working Out in Cold Weather Can Make Your Heart Stronger 

 What? Yes, it’s true! If you are in good health, bike riding, running or walking outdoors is a great way to strengthen your heart. In the cold weather, your arteries grow tighter, so your heart has to work harder than before to pump blood your heart needs. That good mood you’re in after an outdoor workout? A little exercise in the cold can lead to a big time mood boost thanks to extra endorphin-production required in the cold! 


Thirdly: Heat Cramps and Heat Stroke 

Heat stroke is real, and really dangerous. When you’re in a hot environment, you can develop what’s known as “heat cramps”. Heat cramps typically occur in the back, calves or abs and caused by the rapid loss of electrolytes.


Continue to stay hydrated, or you run the risk of heat stroke (what happens when your body overheats). Heat stroke is very dangerous (it can cause organ damage, even damage to the brain and death when not monitored). Fainting, nausea, and vomiting are all signs of heat stroke. Stop your workout, go to a cool spot and hydrate.