Whether you’re headed to your annual summer beach house spot with your significant other, or you’re off to a family reunion to an international destination, your workouts don’t have to stop. In fact, you don’t ever need to get off track—because the truth is, the more you move, the better of a vacation you’ll have. Here’s why and how to work out while on vacation—the easy way.
Pack Exercise Appropriate Apparel
If you’re committed to fitness while on vacation, you’ll need two ‘rules of thumb’: pack for fitness success, and make the workouts fun to do! The great thing about working out on vacation is you’ll have amazing scenery at your disposal and a ‘fitness’ change of pace from your usual workout routine. So, take advantage of it! Include in your suitcase the following, so that you can walk, run, or skip your heart rate up to a good time anywhere:
• 1-2 workout outfits
• An energizing playlist (diversify from your usual! From Kanye to Journey, to John Mayer, listen to beats that allow you to feel motivated!)
• Fitness tracker, heart rate monitor or another other ‘go to’ fitness tool to help you stay on track. If you don’t have one, just keep your phone handy so you can track your steps.
friends-842580_640Go on a Walking Tour
Make your first travel mission a walking tour. This is a great way to get in some serious steps while enjoying the scenic backdrop. Take a tour of the foreign city or town you’re in and search out the hills you can climb up to get your heart rate going. Join a formal walking tour group, or go on an impromptu one alone. Either way, you’re bound to keep your weight on track while you enjoy a relaxing vacation!
Get Fit, Hotel Room Style
If you’re not so much into the walking tour style of fitness, and you’d rather enjoy the cool air conditioning from your hotel room instead, why not incorporate a killer hotel room workout? Prepare to do a few sets of one legged squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees. Use whatever resources you can grab from your hotel room (full cans of soda from the vending machine, a bucket of ice, etc.) to add some resistance to your workout.
Wherever you may be headed on vacation this summer, take your workout with you! It’s easy to stay in shape when you are on the lookout for creative ways to enjoy the surroundings while burning calories!