Your Leg Muscles


When you’re doing leg muscle exercises, you should make sure your back remains straight. You should also keep your knees tracked over your feet. Your knees should not sway or bow out when you’re doing exercises that involve bending your legs. Squats are a good exercise for targeting the leg muscles during your workout. This type of squat exercise is also called a dumbbell front squat. 


First, you have to balance the dumbbells on your shoulders using a hammer grip, and then you do the squat like you normally would. You can do this exercise instead of doing the barbell front squat. However, you can also do the dumbbell front squat as you move on from the suitcase squat. This involves doing a dumbbell squat while holding your weights in a low position. You can incorporate dumbbell front squats into a strength-training program or you can incorporate this exercise as a part of a circuit-training workout if you so wish. 


The dumbbell squat works well in targeting your quadriceps muscles and your gluteus maximus muscles as well. Your hamstring muscles and your soleus muscles, which are located in your calves, stabilize you when you’re doing this exercise. The dumbbell front squat increases your functional fitness. This simply means that you’re increasing your fitness in such a way that it will help you do your everyday tasks more easily. 


With the dumbbell front squat, it strengthens the muscles you use to pick up and carry things. You have to do more stabilization with the suitcase dumbbell squat when compared to the dumbbell front squat. This means you get a better workout if you hold the weights at the shoulders. In addition to improving your functional fitness, dumbbell front squats help tone and shape your thighs, calves, and buttocks. You can also do leg curls, lunges, deadlifts, leg presses, and calf raises in order to target your leg muscles when you’re going through your workout routine. 


Your Arm Muscles


One tip you might find useful when doing arm exercises is not to ‘cheat’ by utilizing the momentum generated by your chest or abdomen swaying. Make sure that you focus the arm exercise directly on the muscles you’re targeting. Biceps curls are a common arm muscle. 


The bicep curl exercise works your upper arm muscles in addition to working your lower arm muscles. They don’t work your lower arm muscles as much as your upper arm muscles, though. If you’re looking for an increase in muscle strength and definition, then bicep curls are a great choice. Bicep curls are relatively straightforward as you simply stand straight, tuck in your elbows, and do between 8-10 curls per set. We recommend at least two sets, but you can do three sets. 


Your Back Muscles


Rows, pullups, pulldowns, and shrugs are a few good exercises to target your back muscles and strengthen them. When you’re doing these exercises, always keep your back straight, don’t move your head, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Shrugs involve you standing up and holding the dumbbells to your sides, elevating your shoulders as high as you can, then lowering your shoulders. You should repeat this process until you’re done with your set.