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Just like the belly or upper thighs, the underarm for women is a major trouble spot. As you age, you’ll notice the underside of your arm ‘jiggle’. Don’t want it to? Then tighten and tone it by focusing on the following, triceps focused exercises. In no time at all, you’ll go from underarm shame to arms that have got game!




The Overall Benefits of Weight Lifting

Exercise for armsIf you’re a stranger to weight lifting or resistant training, then you may be unaware just how powerful of a punch it can bring to your metabolism, stress levels, and mood. Getting in the weight room a few times doesn’t just allow you to reach your fitness goals. It helps you to speed up your metabolism and maintain your weight. Did you know that every year you lose one percent of your muscle and bone strength? Don’t fret, because when you follow our exercise plan (and implement it three times a week) you can prevent and even reverse bone and muscle mass loss.

One Arm Triceps Dip

As you embark on a new healthier life, one that requires you to weight train in order to lose that arm jiggle, make this your motto: “Excuses don’t burn calories.” The one arm triceps dip looks easy, but you’ll be feeling the burn—which is exactly what you need in order to beat the jiggle. Start by sitting down with your feet flat on the floor, and your legs together and with knees bent. Place your hands flat on the floor, and about an inch or so behind your butt. Then (alternate between straightening and bending) your right elbow to raise your butt off of the floor, hold it and then bring it back down again. Repeat this motion with your left side.

The Floor Pull Up

Lie down under a sturdy table or bench, and grab the edge of the table with both hands. Lift yourself up as high as you are able while being sure to keep your back and neck straight, and your abdomen contracted. Hold it for one or two seconds, and then slowly lift yourself back down in a controlled manner. Repeat this exercise for several minutes (or longer if you are able). If you’re doing this exercise from home and don’t have a table to work from, grab two chairs and lie a broom down in between them. This is the perfect exercise to do when all you have is five minutes to spare, and can work perfectly into your morning workout!