Whatever your goals may be, to lose weight, get toned and tight, increase strength or just feel great, the key is keeping up the momentum as you encounter the peaks and valleys of your health journey. Here’s how to knock it out of the park.


Staying Motivated: What’s the Problem?

Toned legs. Powerful abs. Endurance. Strength. A powerful body. These are all great goals to have, but how do you stay motivated to reach your goals?  Whether you’ve just encountered your first lull in your workout routine, or you’ve let your routine slide for the (12th) time, here’s some simple ways to bounce back:


  • Identify the triggers. We all have certain environmental, mental or social triggers that can ver us off track and demotivate us to stay healthy, Whether that’s skipping out on your cardio workout after work to meet your co-workers for happy hour, or grabbing mac-n-cheese for dinner because you needed the comfort after a stressful day, we all have them. Triggers can cause us to demotivate.


Solution? Pay attention to your triggers. When do you typically veer ‘off track’? Write these down. Awareness can help you to bring it back to goal mode, and conquer your triggers so they don’t control your outcome!


  • Be aware by writing your daily routine down. Holding yourself accountable is a great way to stay motivated. Weigh yourself every couple of days and write it down.


  • Wake up earlier. Studies show that those participants who woke up 45 minutes earlier to work out and eat a healthy meal in the morning lost an average of 1.6 pounds more than those who didn’t. Starting your day off with a healthy routine is a motivator. Starting off your day by sleeping in and feeling rushed to get out of the door is stressful – and the biggest demotivater.


Don’t forget to incorporate fun and variety into your workout. Every time you challenge your body, you’ll help to navigate past that dreaded plateau, and keep staying healthy fun!