You can’t put off your health any more. The time to hesitate on your health…is through. So what now? Where do you start? With a actionable plan that makes sense for your lifestyle. Here’s your cheat sheet for getting started.


(Don’t) Go Big or Go Home

Starting off too ambitious (I’m going to lose 50 pounds in 12 weeks, just in time for bikini weather!) can bite you in the foot. Starting off too small (I’ll start working on weekly at an undesignated time on an undecided date and see how it goes) can do the same. The trick is finding your sweet spot, so you’re experiencing continue progress while also staying motivated about the process. Don’t go big or go home. Instead, find a way to increase your workout and healthy habits in a realistic manner. Getting fit isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon.


Define What Fun Is to You

Many of us never start a workout -plan because it sounds awful. We picture running on a treadmill or lifting weights as an excruciating way to spend our time. The key to getting started with a workout program is bringing exercise and fun together. What floats your boat? Dancing? Rock climbing? Lifting like a champion? Rowing? Jumping on a trampoline? Whatever you love to do, incorporate your workouts around fun. When you’re enjoying exercise, it hardly feels like exercise. It feels like fun!


Throw a Buddy in the Mix

No matter where you are in your fitness journey – beginning, middle or veteran – accountability is key. One of the best ways to stay accountable is with buddy workouts. Working out with a friend, co-worker, or neighbor is a great way to encourage and motivate the workouts. Try a type of workout they love (BodyPump!) that you may never do on your own. Or, become part of a fitness community by seeking out running groups, or yoga-in-the-park boot camps in your area. Staying motivated is key, and a buddy exercise can keep the inspiration in you going strong!