Intimidation of the gym, otherwise known as gymtimidation, is a real problem for many people who want to lose weight, get fit or simply make their daily routine a healthier one. The weight room can be scary at first glance, between burly guys lifting like it’s no one’s business and cardio machines that you couldn’t begin to figure out how to operate on your own. The struggle is real—which is why we’re here to help you overcome it—pronto. Read on for a fool proof three step plan to success.
Befriend a Trainer (and Let Them Know You’re New)
Being brand new can be scary, which is why having an ally who works at the gym is one of the best ways to eliminate your fear of being there! Choose someone to befriend: the manager, a sales rep, or a personal trainer. Start by making small talk with them. Let them know you’re new, what your goals are, how it took you way too long to get a membership, etc. Then, ask them some questions, such as how to use the shoulder press, or how much protein you should eat per day.
Commit to coming to the gym three days a week so they see you exercising frequently. The more they see you, the more of a relationship you can establish with them—which will hold you accountable to keep up your fitness routine. The more often you’re around, the more willing they’ll be to offer advice, tips and techniques for being the courageous, go-getter you are. Before you know it, gymtimidation will be a thing of the past.
weights-817635_640Commit to a Class
If the weight room (and even the cardio machines) evoke a bit of fear in you, head to a class. If your gym offers a wide variety of classes for various fitness levels, choose one customized for beginners, such as ‘gentle yoga’ or ‘beginning spin’. Get to the class a few minutes early, introduce yourself to the instructor and tell him/her you’re new and nervous. Trust us—instructors want to know how they can help their guests succeed, and will do everything they can to teach you the moves, make sure your posture is correct and give you extra assistance if needed. The first class is the scariest—after that, you’ll find that your confidence increases, which will lead you to try another class in no time at all!
No matter what intimidates you at the gym—the weights, cardio equipment, that barre class you want to try but you’re not at all the ‘dancing kind’—a few simple tips can eradicate any feelings of insecurity or fear you may feel right now. Follow our guide, and you’ll become the healthiest you you’ve ever been.