When you want to become a better runner, nothing will get you there faster than by changing up your indoor running workout. Not only will you increase your endurance, but you’ll increase your balance, agility and overall strength—which defend you against future injuries. Here’s three easy ways to up your running game!
Speed Up Your Endurance With a Spin Class
If you’re used to indoor running, then you know the drill: the treadmill gets repetitive, and can become really boring. Feeling fatigued, or are you getting complacent while you train for that 10k? Then change it up—by speeding it up—with a spin class. If you’re a beginner, spin classes are an amazing way to get in shape quickly (you can burn up to 1,000 calories in a class!) and if you’re already an experienced runner, you can switch up the intensity with an interval paced class.
Take a Cardio Class That Includes Running
A dance workout like Zumba, Nightclub Cardio or a boot camp class can improve your agility, enhance your performance on a run, and keep your momentum fired up. Head to a power yoga class during a low cardio day, and power up your heart rate with the tree pose, sun salutations and the cat pose. Just because you’re not moving, shaking and jumping in a high intensity class doesn’t mean it’s not a challenging workout.
Power Yoga is a total body workout, that strengthens your core, and produces lean, strong muscles from head to toe. Take just one class a week, and learn how to connect and strengthen your entire body (which just may be your secret weapon for a better run!)

Woman Running On Treadmill At Gym
Have a Better Run (With a Buddy)
Sure, you could keep up the momentum day after day to run on that treadmill, but why make it any harder than it needs to be? Meet a friend (or five!) at the gym, and you’ll stay accountable for your workouts with someone else depending on you to be there. As a bonus, talk about your day during your warm up and slow down, and the time will go by in a heartbeat.  A tip for speedy success: invest in a friend that has similar (or slightly more advanced) goals than you do. As it goes, we take on the qualities of those we are around. So, by meeting up with an ambitious, goal oriented runner, you’ll up your game in no time at all!