Whether you’ve been indulging in pizza during the weekends, or you’ve been eating a few chocolate Easter eggs each night for the past few weeks, weight gain happens. That’s ok! Getting right back on track is the most important thing. Here’s how to do it without struggle or strain.
Identify the Emotional Trigger That Leads to Your Weight Gain
Gaining weight isn’t about the food you’ve eaten—it’s about the comfort and distraction it offers you. And often, when we gain weight, the solution is more emotional than physical. For example, sugary foods are highly addictive, and they are a familiar comfort to emotional pain, such as loneliness, anger or stress.
Think back to what your last couple of weeks have been like. Have you been rushing out of the house every morning to get to work—and skipping the most important meal of the day? Are you going for heavy carbs (like a bowl of creamy pasta) for lunch, instead of a protein packed salad? Try the following tips for the week that lies ahead, and get back on track:
• Instead of reaching for a soda, reach for a glass of water instead;
• Instead of spending the evening worrying about your deadlines and your bills, plan a relaxing evening of ‘downtime’ with a hot shower, soothing music, and a solid night’s sleep;
• Instead of reaching for cookies, reach for a bowl of strawberries;
• Instead of punishing yourself for a couple of pounds gained, remind yourself of how many accomplishments you’ve made this past year (and one goal you can achieve this week!)
Human cravings for sweet foodSeek Out Extra Accountability
The food you eat accounts for about 80 percent of your weight loss success (while your exercise routine accounts for 20 percent). Gaining a few extra pounds isn’t the problem—continuing to make poor nutritional choices is, so get right back on track, starting today! The easiest guarantee you’ll stay on track? By asking a person or two in your life to hold you accountable. Just make sure to choose someone who is already a supportive, health-conscious person in your life to move you along, such as a parent, a sibling, friend or co-worker. Choosing someone who has already reached a higher level of success as you can be an excellent motivator, challenging you to reach a new level of success, yourself.
If fitness isn’t fun, you’re less likely to stay on track and keep on point. If you don’t have anyone to hold you accountable, it’s easier to slip off of your clean eating plan. No matter how much you’ve gained back, get back to weight loss basics by believing in yourself, sharing your success with others and taking it one day at a time.