If you have a stability ball in your living room for your at-home workouts, you may notice your curious toddler sit and bounce on it, joyfully moving to the motions it makes, similar to a trampoline. You may smile, and watch him move up and down with a playful spirit, but when it comes to your workout, you take the stability ball seriously.

In other words, you don’t play around as if it’s a child’s toy.

It’s not. And a stability ball has the power to leverage your workout to a whole new level. As you bounce, and balance while doing crunch after crunch, it actually is offering you so much more. From fighting fat, to improving lean muscle, and even allowing you to be more coordinated than ever before, a stability ball is your golden ticket to that dream body you’re working so hard for.

Bring it into your weekly exercise routine (at least once or twice a week) and switch up the usual lunges and squats for some serious, adrenaline pumping resistant training! Here’s what to know, and how to fight fat in the most effective way, all with the stability ball to make it happen!

It’s the Ball Benefits Countdown – Are you Ready?

If the stability ball is a new concept to you, it’s the perfect time to incorporate it into your goal focused workout. Why? Because it will finally allow you lose those last stubborn ten pounds, and feel empowered as you do!

Also called an exercise ball, you can find them in every gym in America, as well as every department store, grocery store and super-duper merchandise store…and that’s because the stability ball effectively allow you to burn, lean down and loosen up!

Stability balls won’t just help you to target those six pack abs you’re desperate for, but they will allow you to improve your posture, balance and coordination. Stretch on a stability ball to make your body feel great, before and after you go through a high intensity workout of weights and cardio, and depend on it to strengthen your back.

 Your Six Pack Abs and the Stability Ball…a Perfect Duo!

Some exercises on the stability ball will require you to sit and lean back to improve your core strength. But not this one, so lie down on your back, reach your hands above you while holding onto the stability ball, and look up at the sky. (If you live in a major city, you may be lucky enough to find an outdoor stability ball specific class! Try it!) Holding onto the ball in both hands and stretching over your head, slowly raise your upper body up (as if you are performing a crunch.)

As you lift up, raise your legs up as well, in a uniformed motion. As your legs and arms come together and touch, transfer the ball from your hands to your feet, and raise your body back down. Repeat 3-4 times – you’ll be sweating by the end of this set!

As you work with a stability ball on a regular basis, you’ll discover that it’s another useful tool to reach your fitness goals. Sit, lie down or bend over while exercising your core, thighs, and glutes. Soon, you’ll begin to look at the stability ball as your weight room wonder!