Woman Lifting Weights in GymAs the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Mixing it up is especially important when it comes to working out because variety keeps boredom at bay. Variety also offers the body new challenges that build different muscle groups as well as stamina. But what if the idea of doing something new scares the pants off of you? Here’s another old saying, feel the fear and do it anyway.


Let go

Release any attachment to ideas about how the new experience is supposed to go and decide to enjoy it as it is. So what you don’t know all the steps? Do the best you can and just have fun. Besides, it is only your ego telling you that everyone is watching you and laughing inside. The truth of the matter is they probably aren’t watching you at all. And if they are, so what? The world will not come to an end if someone has a chuckle at your expense. Think of it as a good deed – you made someone smile.

Be patient

Most everything you can do today was new at some point. You learned how to do most things just as you will learn to use a new weight machine, ride a bike, and hold a yoga pose, swim or ski. Don’t hold back, go for it with zeal. Mistakes and failures are normal and have no bearing on who you are as a person. In fact, you can even give yourself a few extra points for being the kind of person willing to take risks. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one way to learn new things about yourself and add to your personal success narrative – even if you don’t break any records.

Ask for help

Personal trainer with young woman at gymReach out to a trainer, friend or fellow gym goer for tips and tricks that can help you nail that new workout. Who knows? You might even get to hear a few of their starting out stories. It’s a sure bet that even the best trainer struggled a bit in the beginning. It was practice, time and a willingness to be uncomfortable that eventually earned him or her the current comfort level you see. Use that example as a reminder to stay focused on your goal going forward rather than the discomfort you may feel right now.

Trying a new workout can help you avoid overuse injuries. It can also help you build strength, stamina and maybe even find a few new buddies. Give it a go. You don’t have to do a new thing perfectly to have fun or burn a few calories. You just have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.