As with any other workout, perfecting it is all about three things: mastering your form, controlling your mindset, and showing up for the work. This article will tackle all three of those elements, so you can become a push-up king (or queen!)
Perfect the Form
One of the greatest things about push-ups is its convenience factor. To start the perfect push-up, take a moment to ensure the following are correct:
rp_photodune-1303298-people-doing-push-ups-xs-230x162.jpg• Your toes are firmly planted on the ground in front of you and your feet are together
• You’re contracting your core, and your glutes are tight also
• Your body should create a uniformed line (straight, as opposed to curved, back)
• Your hands are positioned just outside your shoulders.
Now that you know the basic push-up protocol, it’s time to push your way to a true warrior’s workout. Here are some simple steps to make you a master in no time at all:
• Start off in the plank position (hands down on the ground, spine straight, and hips pulled in)
• Push down for a push-up, ensuring that your body forms a straight line. Raise your body back up, being careful not to lift so high that your elbows lock.
• When you’re in the ‘up’ position, make sure to keep your glutes and core as tight as possible.
• Maintain the form, and continue for as long as you can! (A tip to keep you motivated: if the traditional push-up is too challenging, start off with a wall push-up. All you do is place your hands against a wall, and in a standing position and with flat palms against the wall, push yourself away with controlled movements throughout.)
Conquer the Mindset
Push-ups aren’t easy. In fact, the more you ‘push’ yourself through a push-up workout, the more you’ll realize that it doesn’t get easier—you just get better and stronger because of it. Here are some quotes to get you through the challenge. Let them become your mantra for hard work, dedication and serious ‘push-up’ progress:
• Going to the gym after I’ve had a bad day still burns calories. Give up my excuses, and just go!
• No, it won’t be easy. Yes, it will start changing my life.
• I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control my push-up form, how many push-ups I do, and how mentally committed I am.
Once you’ve conquered the perfect push-up, challenge yourself further! Keep on top of complacency by changing up your push-up environment, type of push-up and workout mantra. In no time at all, you’ll lose inches, and develop a sculpted body that turns heads!