DetoxThe human body is designed to detox naturally. Sometimes, though, the process can become hampered when the body is overwhelmed by environmental toxins and poor diet. Symptoms of toxic overload may include constipation, headaches, lethargy and even difficulty losing weight. In these cases, a little extra help is needed to bring all systems of the body back into balance. Try these tips to detox safely and healthfully.


Start with a plan

All sorts of pills and potions touting their detox powers are available. They aren’t really necessary though. Instead, begin by revamping your diet. Write out a 3 to 7 day plan to support your detox diet.

  • Empty your cabinets of processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, oils, dairy and refined products – or at least refrain from using them for the duration of your detox plan.Lemon water
  • Create menus and a shopping list.
  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, distilled water, whole grains and legumes.
  • Find interesting recipes so you don’t end up feeling bored or deprived. Smoothies are good additions, but don’t forget you need meals, too.
  • Drink warm lemon water each morning to support elimination.
  • Review your calendar for any upcoming engagements that could be potential stumbling blocks, plan accordingly.

Journal about the experience

It can be helpful to embark on this journey as a curious observer. Note how you feel at the beginning of your detox plan. Are you sluggish? Is your thinking cloudy or do you often have headaches? As you move into your plan, pay attention to any changes. Include observations about your physical as well as emotional experience of the plan. You may experience some discomfort as toxins leave your body but this should pass in a day or two. If weight loss is your goal, weigh and measure at the beginning so you can compare at the end.

Make detox a total body experience

Work to remove toxins from your body as well as your mind and spirit. Include at least 30 minutes of exercise four times a week. Make time to slow down a bit and get some extra rest. Adequate sleep is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. You may also want to take 10 minutes each day to practice a simple meditation. Just sit comfortably and follow your breath. Neither grasp or avoid thoughts as they surface, simply let them be and allow them to float away without judgement.

Doing a detox need not be a harsh or painful experience – starvation is not required. Choose whole, unprocessed foods and avoid anything that puts undue stress on your system – examples include caffeine, alcohol and sugar). Drink plenty of water throughout the day and enjoy healing journey.