Let’s face it, when you work out it isn’t always just for your health. Sure, feeling great and improving quality of life are important benefits of exercise, but body confidence ranks right up there, too! You want to burn enough calories to get in or stay in that swim suit or your favorite jeans. Here are some no kidding around tips to ramp up the calorie burn on the elliptical. Say goodbye to that muffin top for good.

Get on it
Don’t let today be another day you only say you are going to the gym. Get there. You can’t burn calories on the elliptical unless you actually, you know, get on it.

Don’t phone it in
You know the kind of working out I’m talking about. Don’t just go through the motions to check it off your list. Give it all you’ve got.

Add some variety
Do you usually hop on the elliptical, select manual and go for 30 minutes? Rethink your strategy. Bodies quickly adapt to routine. Over time that means we expend less energy to accomplish the same tasks. Challenge yourself – and burn more calories – by adding some variety. Increase the incline, tension or speed. Select one of the programs available on the treadmill. Add ten extra minutes to your workout time…you get the idea.

Do intervals
Intervals are an easy way to burn more calories and fat. You can fit them into your routine regardless of your fitness level. The beauty is intervals also help you build endurance so you not only burn more calories you also increase your fitness level. To add intervals to your workout simply add in a few periods of higher intensity. For example, you might pedal as fast as you can for 10 or 30 seconds of every minute.

Fit people on elliptical bike at gym

Give yourself a hand
You may have noticed that the elliptical has two ski-poles like handles on each side. Use them! Actively engaging the handles, rather than draping your arms over the monitor or simply holding on, will help you boost your calorie burning power.

Enter your data
Many ellipticals use information about gender, age and weight to help you track heart rate. Try to pedal so that you are exercising in the range of 70 to 85% of your target heart rate. You should be able to talk but not carry an extended conversation comfortably. Work harder to burn more calories.

As the saying goes, go big or go home. Make the most of your elliptical work out by burning as many calories as you can. That muffin top doesn’t stand a chance against your all out effort.