You’ve been going strong at the gym, just like you set out to do. Just two weeks ago, you weighed yourself and you had lost another five pounds—yah!—but since then, the pounds aren’t budging. If you’re doing everything right (eating clean, watching your portions and getting your cardio in) but you’re not losing any more weight, you may be facing a plateau. Here’s how to break through it like a champ.

Keep Your Daily Calories in Check

A weight loss plateau is totally normal, and if you’re doing everything right—such as watching your daily calorie intake and hitting the gym—then your body is going through a natural process (your metabolism has slowed down as you have reduced your calories in order to conserve them.) Don’t compare what you’re not losing right now to what you lost at the beginning of your weight loss plan.


When you drastically change your diet (give up fast food, reduce your daily calorie intake by half, etc.) your body essentially goes into shock and you lose weight quickly. Now, your body has adjusted to your diet, so you need to keep on top of the calorie consumed vs. calories burned in order to continually lose weight. Keep a food and workout journal to be on top of it and beat your plateau.

Know Your Plateau Personality

If you’ve hit a plateau (and again, remember this is normal, and which can last up to three weeks), it’s time to look at your lifestyle with a fine tooth comb.  What’s your plateau personality? For example, do you still indulge in your TV eating habit? If you’re participating in mindless munching while working out, those empty calories could be the reason you’re not losing. Are you an impulsive eater that can’t bypass the cookies in the fridge? If so, beat your plateau by removing them from your pantry and staying on track with your weight loss goals!

Change Up That Workout

Has your workout routine gotten…predictable, boring even? If so, your body knows it—and it’s not having it! Your body actually adapts to the exercise you do, and if you’re doing the same type of exercise (only running on the treadmill, only doing push-ups, etc.) you’ll stop shedding weight. Challenge your body with a different type of workout, by taking a spin class twice a week, or adding in some new weight lifting exercises you haven’t done in months. That way, you’ll be able to shock and awe your body to weight loss success!